WEYI-TV | State Lawmaker Wants To Repeal Prevailing Wage Law in Michigan

"State Representative Gary Glenn is setting his sights on repealing Michigan’s Prevailing Wage law. ...Glenn says repealing the law would even the playing field for all companies in the state when they want to bid on government construction jobs.

'I want to open the door for all Michigan contractors, and all Michigan employees, union and non-union, to compete on an equal basis. Then let the best man win,' Glenn says.

The law says a construction company that bids on state construction projects, like building schools, are required to pay their workers a prevailing wage. In Michigan, that prevailing wage is determined by unions. Glenn says repealing it would save tax payers money.

'It would be better to spend $224 million on the children in the classroom. And not spend it on building the classroom,' Glenn says."