WDIV-TV | Schools worried new energy choice bills will cost students

Great story by a Detroit TV station despite their getting one element of the issue wrong: electricity choice customers also buy electricity from in-state providers. Watch for legislation this fall, and urge your legislators to support it, allowing all schools in Michigan to buy electricity from any provider they choose, saving schools -- and taxpayers -- additional millions of dollars.

"South Lyon Community Schools have been buying their power through a cooperative since 2002, part of the 10 percent of the Michigan market allowed to buy out of state energy, which can be cheaper than the rates charged by utilities in state. 'Last year, we saved $210,000, and since we’ve been a member of the cooperative, we’ve saved $1.7 million,' said Superintendent Bill Pearson. 'So that’s a significant amount of money that we could utilize for the students of South Lyon.'"

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