Thank you all for carrying us to victory

After a hard-fought campaign that we ran for more than a full year, we prevailed on Election Day, by just over 300 votes out of nearly 12,000.

I have so many people to thank, but first, a quick housekeeping note:

If you have a Gary Glenn sign in your yard, please store it in the garage until Labor Day.

I know the campaign is not over until November, but the city of Midland requires that all signs be brought in after the election, and it would be courteous to do so for the citizens that didn't vote for me in this past week's election.

I'm sorry for not writing sooner since we heard the results, but as you might imagine, the entire campaign was quite exhausted after a very intense final stretch. We knocked on nearly a thousand doors the day before the election, made thousands of phone calls, and campaigned at the polling places throughout a 13-hour election.

And with so close of an outcome, every little bit made all the difference.

Those of you who helped out in the 48 hours leading up to the election... those of you who donated... those of you who put up yard signs, who walked your precincts, who helped us make phone calls... I have every one of you to thank for our victory this week.

And there are many people I must thank by name:

-Ron Beebe, our finance chairman, whose fundraising efforts put us over the top;
-Jeremy Rodgers, our campaign manager, who put in countless hours organizing the effort and knocking on doors;
-Carolyn Wegener, our Field Director, and Samantha Matuszewski, our Bay County Coordinator, who worked tirelessly to build the Grassroots for Glenn team we needed to win;
-Regi Lane, a student who spent two months talking to voters going door-to-door on a giant 50-pound bicycle;
-Our treasurer Paul Card, whose meticulous work kept us on top of our finances;
-Gretchen Ziehmer and Alice Paulius, who organized meet-and-greet events with their neighbors and who helped in many additional capacities;
-Bill Wegener, who distributed hundreds of yard signs;
-Fred Herner, who built our Memorial Day Parade float that was the hit of the parade, and all the volunteers who helped that day and the days before inflating thousands of balloons and decorating the float;
-Hope Edwards, Paula Childs, Tracey Hennigar, "Tak" Takahashi who spent so much time helping us at Grassroots for Glenn Headquarters;
-Marcia Blackson, who organized our church outreach program;
-Val and Lori Jones, who helped people write letters to the editor;
-Sierra and Annalise, young volunteers who helped us in the office and in the field;
-Bill Miller and the Veterans for Glenn;
-Pastor Payne for the spiritual support and everyone who prayed for us;
-Brad and Julie Morse, Elizabeth Scott, Pat Hartnagle, Jan Woodruff, and everyone who helped out in your precincts;
-All of our candidates for precinct delegate;
-Adam de Angeli, our campaign strategist;
-My sons Hunter and Jefferson for all of their help on the campaign;
-Most of all, my wife Annette, for her strength and support--and those letters that made her the star of the campaign!

I apologize to anyone I've neglected to thank. It was an enormous team effort, and every little bit mattered in the end.

My thanks to the voters that elected me the Republican nominee, and I thank my opponent, Karl Ieuter, for running a spirited campaign that was a tough challenge.

It was a long election night, with results not certain until 1 o'clock in the morning. In the end, it was Bay County where we broke away, although I'll be interested to see the precinct-by-precinct results once they are available.

We'll be back on the campaign trail for November soon, but for now, let's all take a rest and be thankful that our hard work has paid off.

Hope to hear from you all again before and after November.

May God bless us and keep us strong for the fight!

Gary Glenn