WJRT-TV: State Rep. Gary Glenn disappointed in Supreme Court ruling on same-sex marriage

GG_SS_marriage.jpg"(Rep. Gary) Glenn, who coauthored the Michigan Marriage Protection Amendment and wrote a brief to the Supreme Court arguing the ban on same-sex marriage should stay in place, says the Supreme Court got it wrong. 'Five unelected judges, five unelected lawyers today dictated to the people of Michigan, the 2.7 million voters who put it in our state constitution, that those judges know better,' Glenn said.

Glenn says now that the Supreme Court ruling has been made, he will fight to protect those who don't support same-sex marriage. 'We will commit significant time and effort to make sure religious freedoms are protected, that people don't find themselves to be victims of persecution, or being fired from their jobs, or churches losing their tax status,' he said."

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