MIDLAND DAILY NEWS: Glenn picks up support

(Rep. Gary) Glenn continues to receive support from small business owners and job providers, saying his highest priority will remain making Michigan more attractive for new plant sites and other new business and industry needed for job creation in Bay and Midland counties.

• Glenn has been named a “Friend of Retail” by the Michigan Retailers Association, which represents 5,000 member businesses, 15,000 stores and websites, and a retail industry directly responsible for 850,000 jobs and 18 percent of Michigan’s total economic activity

• Glenn also received an endorsement from the Michigan chapter of the National Federation of Independent Business, a statewide small business organization.

• Glenn said in the wake of the growing frequency of radical Islamic terrorist attacks in the U.S. and other western nations, and a single month in which ISIS claims to have killed over 5,000 people worldwide, he is deeply concerned that President Barack Obama’s administration has located more Syrian refugees in Michigan than in any other state, with thousands more on the way this year.

Glenn renewed his call — reported worldwide following the terrorist attack in Paris last November — for Gov. Rick Snyder to resist further relocation of Syrian refugees to Michigan after FBI Director James Comey told Congress the U.S. has no way to vet refugees to determine which may be using refugee status as cover for intended terrorist activity.

Glenn has cosponsored a package of legislation to prohibit spending state funds to assist the federal government’s resettlement program unless the legislature and affected county governments approve the resettlement. A second measure would ban resettlement of refugees from failed states that have widespread presence of terrorist activity and weak central governments incapable of maintaining criminal records.

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