National Right to Work PAC endorses Gary Glenn in Republican Primary for State Senate

Springfield, VA – The National Right to Work PAC announced Friday its endorsement of state Rep. Gary Glenn in his Republican primary for Michigan's 31st state Senate district.

“Rep. Glenn is a life-long champion of the freedom principle that individuals should be free to join a labor union if they choose but should not be forced to join or financially support a union under threat of being fired,” said Greg Mourad, Treasurer of the National Right to Work Committee PAC. “Gary was a leader in the passage of Michigan's Right to Work law even before he was elected to the state House of Representatives.”

“Gary is looked to as a leader by Right to Work supporters nationwide,” Mourad continued. “That's why we were proud to present Gary the 'Senator Everett B. Dirksen Award' in 2015, the National Right to Work Committee's highest honor and why we're proud to endorse him for the Michigan state Senate. We urge all Right to Work supporters in Bay, Lapeer, and Tuscola counties to vote for Rep. Gary Glenn in the Republican primary on Aug. 7th.”

Glenn served as executive director of the Idaho Freedom to Work Committee from 1980 to 1986, where he led the successful effort to win legislative approval of a state Right to Work law, overriding a Democratic governor's veto in 1985, and defend the new law as a referendum on the 1986 general election ballot despite being outspent 3-to-1 by organized labor.

For his leadership in that effort, Glenn was named co-recipient -- with former Oscar-winning actor and Screen Actors Guild (AFL-CIO) president Charlton Heston, who appeared in a TV ad supporting the law -- of the 1987 "Freedom Fighter of the Year Award" by the Center for the Study of Market Alternatives. CSMA's director was Larry Reed, who later returned to Michigan to become the first president of the Mackinac Center for Public Policy, and who recruited Glenn to follow him to Michigan in 1998 to work with the Center on education reform issues.

Glenn in 2011 was also a founding board member of the Michigan Freedom to Work coalition, which launched the successful grassroots drive that resulted in enactment of a Right to Work law in Michigan in 2012.