Right to Work (for MORE)

2014 was Michigan's first full year as America's (at the time) newest Right to Work state, where employees are now protected in the freedom to choose whether to join or financially support a labor union without being discriminated against or fired on the basis of that choice.

A secondary benefit: Right to Work laws are also a major factor in new plant site location decisions, attracting new business and industry and job growth resulting in increased demand and thus higher wages paid for labor.

The change, just now becoming evident, is dramatic. Before Right to Work took effect in March 2013, Michigan ranked 50th in the nation for income growth during the last half-century, a period through out which employees could legally be fired for choosing not to join or give money to a union.

Rep. Gary Glenn was proud to be a founding board member of the Michigan Freedom to Work coalition that in 2011 launched the successful effort to enact Right to Work. This spring, Gary received the National Right to Work Committee's highest honor, the Senator Everett M. Dirksen Award, for his leadership in Michigan and in winning passage of Idaho's Right to Work law in 1985.