Rep. Glenn’s report from the Midland Township board meeting

I attended the Midland Township board meeting Wednesday night, where I gave board members a report on road funding, upcoming legislation to allow local government to buy their electricity from providers other than state-regulated utilities, and other issues affecting local governments.

In addition to normal business, the board heard citizen complaints about (1) potential plans to reconstruct the Poseyville bridge downtown to two lanes instead of four, and (2) a township resident offending a neighbor's sensitivities by slaughtering a pig in his front driveway.

Having attended over a hundred local government meetings in the last two years, I find our local township officials are, as a rule, all business. Politics and posturing are rare, they just volunteer their time to responsibly manage the services provided by township governments and address the concerns of township residents. "That government governs best which is closest to the people." Somebody famous said that, and I've observed it in action on our area township boards.