MLIVE | Republican Gary Glenn claims victory in politically polarized state House race

"Glenn called the win 'gratifying' but said he is also burdened with what he feels was a strong mandate from voters of Michigan's 98th state House District. 'The sense of responsibility is significant,' he said.

...As results continued to pour in, Glenn said he was pleased to see he was holding such a significant margin of victory over Brausch. 'I'm going to consider that a mandate for limited government and maximum individual freedom,' he said. 'Voters had a very clear choice in this race. That's the message and philosophy I'm going to take to Lansing.'

Glenn said he intends to go to Lansing to do what's best for Midland and Bay county residents. One thing the Republican said he believes won the race for him was a difference on tax policy. While Glenn has signed the Americans for Tax Reform 'taxpayer protection pledge' not to raise taxes on his constituents, Brausch floated the idea of tax increases to address issues like Michigan's crumbling roads. 'The choice for voters could not have been clearer, on that issue and many others,' Glenn said."

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