MLIVE | Option B for roads? 'Bolger plan' returns in Michigan House, but former speaker backing Proposal 1

"State Rep. Gary Glenn, R-Midland, said Tuesday he is reintroducing the 'Bolger plan, a three-bill package that seeks to dedicate $1.2 billion a year to roads without raising new revenue. 'It illustrates that not only is there a Plan B, but Plan B in this case would provide what the governor says he needs every year for road repairs, and it would do it without raising taxes,' said Glenn.

...Glenn noted that his legislation, like last year's House plan, includes a 'hold harmless' clause which would roll back any changes if funding for schools or cities ever dropped year-to-year. Economic and revenue projections suggest natural revenue growth in both areas, he said. 'It's kind of like Washington D.C. math where if you get $1 billion this year and you ask for $2 billion next year but you only get $1.5 billion, you describe that as a half billion cut,' Glenn said.

...Glenn, who plans to vote against the (Proposal 1) 'concoction' because it contains too many 'sweeteners' beyond road funding, said the Legislature should be ready with multiple alternatives should Proposal 1 fail, as he expects. 'It has people in positions of responsibility saying the best thing to do is sit around and do nothing for two months to wait and see what happens on May 5th,' said Glenn. 'I think it would be irresponsible for us not to have a Plan B, C, D, E and F.'"

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