MLIVE | Gary Glenn narrowly defeats Karl Ieuter in 98th state House Republican primary

“MIDLAND, MI — In a very close state House race during the Tuesday, Aug. 5, Republican primary, Gary Glenn defeated Karl Ieuter by a 331-vote margin.

Glenn, 56, said he believes Republican voters choosing him over Ieuter sends a clear message that voters in Michigan's 98th District want something specific from their next state lawmaker.

‘There's clearly a trend among Republican primary voters all across the state of Michigan for a more conservative course,’ he said. ‘I think that's why I won.’

Glenn pointed out that northern Bay County voters made the difference in his race, supporting him with 1,017 votes to Ieuter's 586. In Midland County, Ieuter took 5,122 votes to Glenn's 5,022.

‘A pundit from Lansing recently said it may come down to Bay County,’ Glenn said. ‘And it did.’"

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