MIDLAND DAILY NEWS: Glenn kicks off re-election campaign

Saturday morning, some 80 Republicans gathered at a Plymouth Park shelter filled with red, white, blue and yellow balloons as Rep. Gary Glenn, R-Midland, announced his intentions to run for a second term.

Sen. Jim Stamas, R-Midland, stated that Glenn was Freshman Legislator of the Year and also applauded Glenn’s efforts in setting energy policy. Stamas said he’s seen Glenn in action.

“He made a commitment and he’s living up to that commitment.” Stamas urged everyone to “make sure he’s there for four more years.”

Congressman John Moolenaar, R-Midland, complemented Glenn’s “tenacity,” as he stated that Glenn is a leader in making Michigan a Right to Work state.

“I’m proud to stand behind him,” Moolenaar said. “It’s a lot better for our city when Republicans are in the majority.”

Glenn asked the crowd, “Can anyone remember the last time Midland County elected a Democrat?” The crowd was silent and then laughed.

“But, I’m not going to take anything for granted,” said Glenn, who was ranked as the second most conservative member of the House by Inside Michigan Politics.

Energy was a common theme at the event. Glenn said free enterprise works best and with a “monopoly you’re not going to get the best service.” Glenn said this concept applies to electricity as well. He said when companies compete they provide customers more efficient service.

Glenn asked for prayers, campaign contributions and volunteers. He urged volunteers to put up 1,200 lawn signs and to knock on doors. Glenn recalled knocking on doors in past elections and said it was a positive experience. Even if the residents don’t agree they’re polite, he said.

Glenn had cancer and thanked his wife, Annette, for driving him to Lansing to cast votes when he couldn’t drive. Now Glenn is cancer-free.

Midland County GOP Chairwoman Cathy Leikhim said Midland County’s Victory Center on the Circle is open and also serving as Glenn’s headquarters.

Bill Betts, of Midland, attended and hopes Republicans will win. “The Democratic Party is ruining our country,” he said. Betts said Democrats are “way too liberal” and Republicans would get spending under control. Betts said it is unsustainable to provide “housing, food, and everything else under the sun” and people should work instead.

Kathy and Dean Berden drove all the way from Snover to attend.

Dean Berden, an organic farmer and owner of a solar installation company, was a delegate at the Republican National Convention. He said their demographics would peg them Democrats, but they are in fact staunch Republicans. “Democrats talk big, but they don’t act,” said Berden. “We’re the party of action.”

Kathy Berden is the National Committeewoman for Michigan at the Republican National Committee. Berden also attended the Republican National Convention in Ohio.

Whether for Glenn or Donald Trump, Kathy Berden said it is important to attend events to show candidates support. Berden also said it’s a chance to ask candidates questions. “It’s a great opportunity,” she said.

Kathy Berden has attended 80 Republican events in 50 counties over the past 12 months. Berden said these events, like the Republican National Convention, are like a kickoff to the election. “This is Gary’s kickoff,” she said.

Dr. Steven and Vanessa Simmons, along with their daughter, Brianna, also attended the event. Both work in the health field, healthcare is one of their top issues. Vanessa Simmons said health decisions, such as vaccinations, should be made by families.

Brianna Simmons is excited for the election. At age 18, this will be her first time voting. A Trump supporter, she said he “knows how to manage money and get out of debt.” She said she enjoyed the Glenn event because she enjoyed getting together with other people who are supporting the same candidates.


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