GRAND HAVEN TRIBUNE Editorial | Michigan’s Right to Work law needs updating

"Rep. Gary Glenn, R-Midland, has introduced a pair of bills in the Michigan House to expand the (state Right to Work law) to include all government employees, including police officers and firefighters.

...which means they would not be required to pay union dues or fees as a condition of employment.
Meanwhile, House Bill 4311 would establish that government employee unions have no duty to represent workers who elected not to pay union dues or fees, as permitted under the state’s Right to Work law.

...'I believe the same civil rights protections that we give to every other employee in every other area of employment in Michigan should apply all the more so to the people who put their lives on the line for us,' Glenn told the Michigan Information and Research Service for an interview last month.
It will be a tough challenge to battle the strong police and firefighter unions, but if Michigan is going to truly be a Right to Work state, all workers should have the option to not join a union in order to work in their chosen profession. ...That being said, unions should have no obligation to represent workers who choose to opt out and not pay union dues.

...We urge state lawmakers to consider the two proposed House bills and decide to include police officers and firefighters in the Right to Work law, as well as do the right thing and not obligate unions to represent nonmembers."

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