GONGWER NEWS | Glenn, Colbeck working on alternatives to Proposal 1

Lansing -- Rep. Gary Glenn and Sen. Patrick Colbeck are drafting alternative plans to fund the state's infrastructure to have ready if Proposal 15-1 does not get voter approval in May.

A statement released by Concerned Taxpayers of Michigan, which opposes the proposal, said that Mr. Glenn (R-Midland) and Mr. Colbeck (R-Canton Township) are looking to re-introduce various proposals that were floated last year, including the House proposal that would have phased out the sales tax on fuel and relied on the economy rebounding to keep schools and communities whole.

On WCMU's "Capitol Report," Mr. Glenn said he is "seriously considering" reintroducing two plans the House passed last year, saying the outlook for passage of Proposal 1 does not look good.

Former Rep. Tom McMillin, chair of Concerned Taxpayers of Michigan, praised the legislators. "It will be clear to voters that we can fix our roads in Michigan with or without Proposal 1. This exposes the false choice peddled by special interests pushing for the massive tax and spending increases, saying it's either higher taxes or bad roads," Mr. McMillin said. "The fact is, the House passed a plan to fix Michigan's roads without raising taxes last year. The legislature can act now to fix our roads, without waiting until May 5, and they can fix our roads without raising taxes."