Glenn top fundraiser in Legislature from individual donors

MIDLAND -- State Representative Gary Glenn (R-Midland) received the largest total from the most individual contributors of any state legislator in the last reporting period, campaign finance records show.

This period began November 25, 2014 and ended July 20, 2015.

Representative Glenn's campaign for re-election raised $48,586.16 in direct contributions from 234 unique donors in the period. Of that, $41,111.16, or 85 percent, was donated by individuals.

No other representative or senator in either chamber reported receiving contributions from nearly so many individual contributors during the period.

Just two members of the legislature--Rep. Klint Kesto, chairman of the House Judiciary Committee serving his second term in office, and Rep. Mike Callton, chairman of the House Health Policy Committee serving his third term, reporting receiving higher fundraising totals than Rep. Glenn in the period.

MIRS News reported that Sen. Margaret O'Brien received the most contributions in the period. However, this includes a $34,000 in-kind contribution from a company that donated legal services for the senator's election recount. O'Brien received $25,600 in donations for the period.

Rep. Glenn raised by far the most of any state legislator from individuals.

For example, Mike Callton, the top fundraiser overall, raised $54,169.73 in direct contributions for the period. However, only $8700 was raised from 20 individuals and $1069.73 was donated by the lawmaker himself. The remaining $44,400 was donated by PACs.

Glenn's reported figures were:

  • The most raised from individuals of any member of the state Legislature
  • Raised from the largest number of individuals of any member of the state Legislature
  • The third-largest total of any member of the Legislature, if in-kind contributions are not counted, and the fourth-largest otherwise
  • The largest total of any member of the Legislature who is not a committee chairman
  • The largest total of any member of the Legislature who is a first-time legislator


"To the faithful and generous donors and volunteers who helped us make a statement and strengthened my hand and leadership in advocating for the values we share in Lansing, thank you so much. I will continue to work as hard as I can to defend and restore our freedom and prosperity in Michigan," Glenn said in an email yesterday to supporters.