Glenn's cancer no longer in remission

Republican says legislative duties, state Senate campaign will continue

GG_official_House_photo_II.jpgWilliams Twp., Mich. -- Rep. Gary Glenn's service in the state House of Representatives and his candidacy for the state Senate seat representing Bay, Lapeer, and Tuscola counties will continue uninterrupted despite the return of prostate cancer which had previously been in remission for over two years.

Glenn, a second-termRepublican from Williams Township in Bay County, was diagnosed with stage 4 metastatic prostate cancer in January 2016, just as he began his second year representing parts of Bay and Midland counties in the House, and just after being named "Freshman Legislator of the Year" by Michigan Information and Research Service, the state Capitol's oldest daily news organization.

The tumor had destroyed the L-5 vertebrae in Glenn's spinal column, breaking his back. After radiation and hormone therapy, the cancer went into remission five weeks after its discovery, and in the following months, the destroyed vertebrae regenerated and has fully healed, which is considered unusual.

The cancer remained undetectable until last Friday, when a bone scan at Mid-Michigan Medical Center revealed two small tumors, one on Glenn's L-1 vertebrae and another on his hip bone.

At the recommendation Wednesday of doctors at the University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center in Ann Arbor, Glenn will undergo immunotherapy to boost his immune system, radiation to remove the identified tumors, and additional hormone therapy to treat any tumors that may be present but not large enough to be detected. The treatments are intended to send the cancer back into remission.

Glenn echoed the comments he made when he made his diagnosis public over two years ago:

"I'm publicly disclosing this development, first, because my constituents have a right to know, but more importantly to me, so that I can once again ask people I may never even meet to pray for me and my family. Throughout this challenge, my ultimate hope has been in the power of prayer and in the healing power of Jesus Christ. I continue to have faith that there's more work the Lord would have me do in the life of my family, community, and state, and I will act on that belief by continuing to faithfully fulfill my duties and responsibilities as both a legislator and candidate."

Glenn has already demonstrated his level of commitment by maintaining a perfect attendance record throughout over three years of legislative service -- never missing a caucus, committee meeting, or vote on the House floor -- even when undergoing five months of chemotherapy in 2016, a "brutal" treatment, he said, which resulted in extreme fatigue and other severe side effects.

Glenn said doctors have told him that there are no similar side effects associated with his upcoming treatments that would in any way limit his continued service in the legislature or his ability to actively pursue his campaign for the state Senate. He faces former state Rep. Kevin Daley of Lapeer County in the August 7th Republican primary for the 31st District state Senate seat.

Glenn serves as Associate Speaker of the House Pro Tem and as chairman of the House Energy Policy Committee, in which position he has been a leading advocate of making Michigan more attractive to new business and industry by restoring free market principles of competition and consumer choice to the state's energy markets to reduce the cost of electricity.