MIDLAND DAILY NEWS: Rep. Gary Glenn earns endorsements for reelection

Rep. Glenn has earned the following endorsements for his 2016 reelection campaign:

  • The Michigan Chamber of Commerce has endorsed Glenn’s candidacy, noting he voted with the Chamber’s position on 13 out of 15 votes measured by their 2015-16 legislative scorecard. Glenn’s 87 percent score tied for 7th highest in the House. The two issues on which Glenn didn’t vote with the Chamber? As promised in the No Tax Hike Pledge he signed as a candidate in 2014, Glenn voted against raising the motor fuel tax and the vehicle registration fee.
  • The Small Business Association of Michigan has also endorsed Glenn. Former state Sen. Tony Stamas, now SBAM vice president for government relations, wrote Glenn, “Your strong responses to our questionnaire show that you will continue to be an elected official who will support small business and help Michigan create the jobs it so desperately needs.”
  • The Associated Builders and Contractors of Michigan PAC also endorsed Glenn, who has been a leading voice in support of ABC’s drive to repeal the state’s so-called Prevailing Wage law, which requires union scale wages, benefits, and work rules on all state and local government construction projects such as public schools and roadways. ABC estimates the state would save as much as $224 million a year on construction of public schools alone, “enough savings to have built 300 new elementary schools over the last decade,” Glenn said.

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