Glenn challenges Daley to monthly debates

Lapeer, Mich. -- Rep. Gary Glenn, R-Williams Twp., Monday challenged former Rep. Kevin Daley, R-Lum, to a series of six public debates, one in each of remaining six months before the Republican primary in August for the state Senate seat representing Bay, Lapeer, and Tuscola counties.

"Our two candidate forums to date have provided valuable information to voters about our candidacies," Glenn wrote in an e-mail to Daley. "I propose we continue to give voters the opportunity to hear us explain our views and defend our respective records on gun rights, taxes, and other issues that illustrate distinctions between us."

Glenn and Daley have already debated the issues twice, each time in Lapeer, once in November before a forum of Republican women and again last week before the Lapeer County TEA Party.

Both events were marked by sharp distinctions in the two candidates' positions on gun rights and tax policy.

Glenn noted that in 2016, he received an A+ grade and was endorsed by the National Rifle Association, while in 2014, when Daley lost the Republican primary to sitting state Sen. Mike Green, R-Mayville, Daley received a B- grade and was not endorsed by NRA. This year, Green is supporting Glenn's candidacy.

Glenn also noted that according to, the NRA graded his voting record in the 2016 election as 100 percent consistent with protecting 2nd Amendment gun rights (Click here for the grade), while NRA graded Daley's record in 2014 at only 57 percent (Click here for the grade). Daley said during the TEA Party forum that is a "very liberal, very left-leaning" organization "that makes stories up."

Glenn also noted his leadership role in the ballot campaign against Proposal 1, the $2 billion roads tax increase that appeared on the May 2015 ballot and was rejected by 85 percent of voters in Bay County and 88 percent in Lapeer and Tuscola counties. Daley voted in favor of the massive tax hike, telling the Lapeer County Press the day after the vote that it was "historic" and "sustainable" and would lead to "smoother and safer roads." Click here for the Proposal 1 information.

Glenn also noted that he is a cosponsor of legislation to repeal the recently-imposed state income tax on retiree pensions, which Daley voted for. Daley told the GOP Women in November that he didn't think it was fair that his daughter's family was required to pay taxes on their income while the retired couple across the street didn't have to pay taxes on their pension.

Glenn said he wants more voters to have the chance to hear the two candidates discuss their differences on those issues and others.

"I am confident -- if you and I agree -- that we can easily secure the venues, sponsors, and moderators to stage those opportunities to further inform voters," Glenn wrote Daley, citing the Lapeer County Press, Lapeer Community Schools, League of Women Voters, Chamber of Commerce, Farm Bureau, Lapeer Extension of Mott Community College as potential debate sponsors.

Glenn told Daley that he is "happy to give you the home court advantage. If you wish, we can schedule all six of the proposed discussions in Lapeer County." Daley was elected by Lapeer County voters to three terms in the state House of Representatives.

Glenn proposed that each of the six debates focus on a particular topic, and suggested the following topics:

March -- Michigan's Business, Jobs, and Tax Climate
April -- 2nd Amendment Rights in the Wake of School Shooting
May -- School Choice and Education Reform
June -- State Farm Policy
July -- ObamaCare, Medicaid Expansion, and Healthcare Reform
August -- Michigan's Energy Market: Free Enterprise or Monopoly?

"I hope you agree that voters have a right to witness and decide for themselves which candidate is most qualified and which of us can best, most effectively, and most passionately communicate our party’s conservative and free market principles," Glenn wrote. "If you agree, I look forward to an enthusiastic, enlightening and entertaining series of debates that will unquestionably be the best way to help voters make a fully informed choice in the August Republican primary."