Gary Glenn: Thank you to voters

GG_official_House_photo_II.jpgThanks to voters in Bay and Midland counties for choosing to hire me once again to serve as your vote and your voice in the state House of Representatives in Lansing.

I appreciate the many expressions of support and encouragement during the now-completed campaign, especially the humbling testimonials published in so many letters to the editor. In one three-day period the last week before the election, the Midland Daily News published letters from 40 citizens expressing support for my candidacy compared to only one in opposition. I was especially moved by the letter from a decades-long friend who expressed gratitude for the role I played in helping bring to justice (and put in prison) the predator who had sexually abused my friend’s granddaughter.

I’m also grateful for the overwhelming show of confidence demonstrated by the 20-point margin by which voters chose to return me to the House, double the margin by which I first won the seat in 2014. That show of support was also broad-based, allowing me to prevail in 48 of the 50 precincts in our legislative district while losing the remaining two precincts by a combined total of only six votes.

In my first term as your state representative, reporters who cover the state Capitol selected me from among 55 first-term state representatives and senators as the most effective first-term lawmaker in Lansing. With two years under my belt, I’ll work toward being even more effective in my second term.

As vice-chairman of the House Energy Policy Committee, I’ve worked to protect area jobs by supporting free market reforms to help bring down the cost of electricity, the single biggest expense of doing business for major employers such as The Dow Chemical Co., and for schools, so more money can go to the classroom. I hope to be in a position to have even more impact on that issue in the next legislative session.

I’ll continue to work toward ensuring that Midland Public Schools for the first time receive our community’s share of “at risk” funding the state appropriates to assist children from lower-income families, an objective on which my Democratic opponent graciously offered his support when he called to concede the election Tuesday night.

As a matter of conscience and fidelity to the job with which you’ve entrusted me, I’ve also maintained a perfect attendance record, never missing a committee meeting or vote on the House floor, even — thanks to my wife, Annette, who drove me back and forth to Lansing — when undergoing five months of chemotherapy for cancer, thankfully now in remission.

Finally, I can report to you that when the incoming House Republican Caucus met in Lansing Thursday to select our leadership team for the legislative session beginning in January, my colleagues elected me as Associate Speaker of the House Pro Tem, the same leadership post current Speaker of the House Kevin Cotter held during his second term in office. This position of leadership and responsibility should enable me to even more effectively influence the legislative process to benefit the people of Bay and Midland counties while helping advance legislation that will benefit our entire state.

Over the next two years, I’ll do my best to earn your trust anew every day and to conduct myself in a manner that will affirm the trust you’ve placed in me.

Thank you again for your prayers and expressions of concern during my recent health challenge. I ask your continued prayers for my family and me as we undertake the continued challenge of public service and helping chart a course toward a strong and vibrant future for Michigan’s economy and generations to come.

Please contact me at (517) 373-1791 or or if I can assist you with any issue involving our state government.

Annette and I wish you and your family a warm and Happy Thanksgiving.

Rep. Gary Glenn, R-Midland

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