Rep. Gary Glenn stands strong for Michigan farm families and agribusinesses


As chief of staff in his thirties for a state agricultural trade association, Gary was a recognized leader in working to protect farm families.

In its 2016 endorsement of his candidacy for the state House, Michigan Agri-Business Association PAC cited Gary's "proven commitment to Michigan’s farmers and agribusinesses."

Barret_at_FB_dinner.jpgRep. Gary Glenn, left, with House Agriculture Committee Chairman Rep. Tom Barrett at Michigan Farm Bureau's 2017 annual banquet.

Lonnie_Kester_of_Millington.jpgTuscola County Farm Bureau board member Lonnie Kester of Millington, left, with Rep. Glenn at the Michigan Farm Bureau annual banquet.

In his 2016 campaign for reelection to the state House of Representatives, Rep. Gary Glenn was endorsed by:

Michigan Farm Bureau Agri-PAC:

Michigan Agri-Business Association PAC:

Michigan Corn Growers PAC:

Michigan Milk Producers PAC:

This listing of 2016 endorsements is intended to inform voters of Rep. Glenn's strong record of support for agriculture and agribusiness. Endorsements for the 2018 election have not yet occurred and will be decided by each organization's formal interview and endorsement process prior to the August 2018 primary election.