Fighting against tax increases

MICHIGAN INFORMATION AND RESEARCH SERVICE -- "As the House prepares to vote on Speaker Kevin Cotter's (R-Mt. Pleasant) $1-billion plan for funding roads, a group of Republican lawmakers are pushing to remove all tax increases from the proposal. In Cotter's 12-bill package, three bills that increase the tax on diesel fuel and that tie the gas tax to inflation appeared to be the focus of the heaviest debate among Republicans today, the likely eve of the votes.

...According to the Americans for Tax Reform, 12 House Republicans have signed the group's anti-tax pledge, promising to oppose all tax increases.

...Rep. Gary Glenn (R-Midland) is one of the House Republicans hoping that the $38 million in increases would be removed before a vote. 'I struggle to understand why there is any tax increase at all,' Glenn said. 'What that says to me is we're only a piddling $38 million away from proving that we can reallocate $1 billion toward our roads and bridges without raising taxes at all.'"