"Representative Gary Glenn is certainly proving to be a solid legislator."
Jimmy Greene, President and CEO, Associated Builders and Contractors, Greater Michigan chapter

Attorney General Bill Schuette

"I know Gary will fight to lower taxes for hardworking Michigan families."
Former Congressman Dave Camp, R-Midland

"Gary's work ethic and varied professional experience will serve him well as our representative in Lansing. I know Gary will continue the progress we have made making Michigan the comeback state. I am certain he will work for lower taxes and common sense solutions for the hardworking families of the 98th District and the people of Michigan." Congressman John Moolenaar, R-Midland 

Sen. Jim Stamas, R-Midland

Small Business Association of Michigan -- “Gary Glenn will be a strong voice for small business in the 98th District and for the state of Michigan. As Michigan continues a turnaround led by small business entrepreneurs, it’s vital that we elect individuals like Gary Glenn who will consider how legislative decisions impact job growth in our state.” Former Sen. Tony Stamas, R-Midland, Vice President of Government Relations

Michigan Farm Bureau Federation AgriPac -- "Your endorsement as a 'Friend of Agriculture' is the result of recommendations from the county Farm Bureau candidate evaluation committees in your district. ...This endorsement will be publicized to the Farm Bureau members in your district, and they will be encouraged to support you with their votes on election day." Sarah Black, Secretary, Michigan Farm Bureau AgriPac Committee

Michigan Chamber of Commerce -- "Michigan is on the right track, and the election of pro-jobs policymakers will help ensure further progress. ...(Republican candidate Gary Glenn has) demonstrated a commitment to keep Michigan moving forward through the enactment of policies based on free enterprise and economic opportunity."

Associated Builders and Contractors of Michigan -- "We are pleased to endorse your candidacy for the Michigan House of Representatives... ABC is devoted to building Michigan's economy by advancing the merit shop construction philosophy which encourages open competition and a free enterprise approach... To this end, our statewide membership looks forward to continuing to work with you to build Michigan's economy." Chris Fisher, President, ABC of Michigan

Home Builders Association of Michigan -- "Friends of Housing is pleased to inform you of their endorsement for your candidacy for state House in the November election. Endorsements...are not made on the basis of political party, but by who will do the best job of making housing a priority in Michigan. ...We will be sending out a mailer on your behalf notifying members of the Home Builders Association of Michigan who live in your district...encouraging them to get involved with your campaign." Dawn Crandall, Political Affairs Director

National Federation of Independent Business-Michigan -- "After a careful review of the candidates, we have found that Glenn has a keen understanding of the problems facing family businesses and their employees. We wish Gary success in the upcoming election and we look forward to working with him in the Michigan legislature." Charles Owens, NFIB-Michigan State Director

Michigan Association of Insurance Agents -- "In our personal and group interactions, your philosophical position related to a healthy business climate, your strong work ethic, your experience as a candidate and in the election process, and even your understanding in differences between state and federal constitutional prohibitions were all contributing factors in MAIA’s decision. ...We look forward to working with you in the coming years." Scott Hummel, Senior Vice President for Government Affairs

Michigan Townships Association PAC -- "We take our endorsement process very seriously, as more than half of Michigan’s citizens reside in townships. It’s our belief that the candidates we endorsed are looking out for the best interests of Michigan townships and local communities.” Joanne Boehler, MTA-PAC committee chair

National Right to Work PAC -- "Gary is much more than just a staunch supporter of individual freedom for Michigan employees. He's a life-long fighter whose leadership drove workplace freedom from vision into reality in Idaho thirty years ago and helped do so again in Michigan in 2012. Gary is a Right to Work champion who understands the complexities of enacting controversial legislation. He's a highly-skilled leader and a tireless fighter. We hope voters in Bay and Midland counties will agree that we need more knowledgeable, experienced, effective leaders like Gary Glenn in Lansing and in state capitals all across America."

Right to Life of Michigan -- "On behalf of the Right to Life of Michigan PAC, we would like to thank you for your pro-life commitment to the protection of human life, born and unborn. RLM-PAC is honored to endorse your candidacy. The years ahead will bring us new opportunities to defend the civil rights of the unborn, handicapped and elderly frail. Your support and leadership will be absolutely essential in restoring the basic Right to Life to the most helpless members of our human family."

Citizens for Traditional Values -- "I am pleased to announce that you are the sole recipient of the Citizens for Traditional Values Political Action Committee endorsement for the 98th District state House race. CTV-PAC has been involved in Michigan politics since 1991, laboring to advance our guiding principles of faith and family, sanctity of life, proper role of government, and excellence in education. Your support of these principles is crucial to building strong families and promoting good government." Amy Hawkins, Executive Director

National Rifle Association -- "We appreciate your support for the Second Amendment and the attention you have shown firearm and hunting-related issues throughout your candidacy. On behalf of NRA members in House District 98, I am pleased to announce your NRA 'AQ' rating and endorsement for the 2014 Michigan General Election. This endorsement is a reflection of your support of Second Amendment issues and... as indicating that you are solid pro-gun/pro-hunting candidate who is an advocate for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms." Dakota Moore, Michigan State Liaison

Great Lakes Education Project -- “We have found Rep. Glenn to be very thoughtful and measured in his approach to education legislation, and we are very pleased to endorse him this time. Gary Glenn is an outstanding public servant, a leader in the Michigan Legislature, and he deserves to be re-elected.” Gary Naeyaert, Executive Director

Rural and Urban Streets and Highways PAC (RUSH PAC) -- “RUSH PAC is impressed by your understanding of local roads and bridges, and we are confident that you will translate that knowledge into action in the next legislative session.” Denise Donohue, Treasurer

Friends of Corn PAC (arm of the Michigan Corn Growers Association) -- “The MCGA is a grassroots organization of corn growers which endorses candidates who demonstrate strong support for Michigan’s agriculture sector and support policies that are important to the continued growth of our industry." James Zook, MCGA Executive Director

Michigan Farm Bureau’s AgriPac

National Federation of Independent Business

Michigan Agri-Business Association PAC -- “As a result of your proven commitment to Michigan’s farmers and agribusinesses, and your focus on smart policy to keep growing Michigan agriculture, the MABA’s PAC is pleased to endorse your candidacy. I am confident that you will be a strong advocate for Michigan farmers and agribusinesses.Bruce Sutherland, Chairman

Friends of Housing (arm of Home Builders Association of Michigan)

Michigan Bankers Association PAC

Michigan Vaccine Freedom PAC

National Association of Theater Owners

Michigan Coalition of Responsible Gun Owners -- "A" grade

"Gary Glenn's record of leadership proves he has qualities that many candidates lack and skills they never learn. Gary is a proven problem-solver who understands that effective leadership means planning, preparation, and execution. He's an expert communicator who draws from a depth of knowledge on a wide array of issues and decades of experience promoting our freedom and prosperity. He knows how to work successfully with people without compromising his values, and he is committed to right-sizing government around work it best performs and seeking private sector involvement where feasible to improve value for the citizens of Michigan. Gary's a superior candidate who will serve with distinction in Lansing, and I enthusiastically endorse him and am honored to volunteer as finance chairman for his campaign." Ron Beebe, Finance Chairman, Glenn for Representative, and CEO of Euclid Industries and Brinn Performance, Inc.

“I support Gary Glenn for State Representative because of his integrity honesty and ability to make wise decisions. I feel he is the best person for the job.” Dan Leviere, owner of Dan Dan the Mattress Man, Midland

"I support Gary because he is a member of the National Rifle Association. Today, our Second Amendment rights are under attack, and I believe Gary Glenn is the best person to defend our right to bear arms." Commissioner James Leigeb, Midland County Commissioner representing Homer and Lee Townships

"I am a conservative, and Gary most closely exhibits my ideas and the ideals of a conservative. That's what caught my attention, and that's why I think he is best suited to keep our fiscal and social houses in order." Nicolas Finley, former Midland County Commissioner representing Jerome Township and the Village of Sanford

“I find Gary to be very conservative. That's what I'm looking for, and that's why I'm voting for him." Commissioner Richard Keenan, Midland County Commissioner representing the City of Midland and Midland Township

"In the fifteen years I've known him, Gary has consistently and unabashedly lived his Christian, conservative, and Constitutional beliefs in every aspect of his life, and I proudly support my friend Gary Glenn for Representative for the 98th District." Dan McGillivray, former Midland County Commissioner representing the City of Midland

"Gary Glenn is the most qualified candidate for any political position I've come across in the last 40 years. He has an uncommon balance of constructive accomplishment, sensitivity to what's important to the people of our district, and a pleasant helpful personality." Richard Stoesser, Midland County Commissioner 1969-75

“I first met Gary six years ago, and the more I've learned about his life's work, the more impressed I am at his knowledge and experience on a wide array of issues. Gary has been a nationally recognized leader on labor law reform, free market healthcare reform, School Choice, and defense of commonly-shared community values such as protecting prenatal life and traditional marriage. Gary Glenn has a life-long track record of actually getting things done for our conservative values and principles. He is recognized as a strong pro-life leader in Michigan, and supports the 2nd Amendment. Gary was one of two coauthors of Michigan's Marriage Protection Amendment and as a state representative, he will sponsor legislation for a state Fair Tax.” Gov. Mike Huckabee, Fox News Host, Republican presidential candidate and former governor of Arkansas

"I am happy to support your bid for the seat in the Michigan House in this upcoming election. I appreciate your willingness to stand up for the defenseless, especially the unborn. Thank you too for engaging not just in the economic issues of our times, but also the moral and cultural issues that will define our great country for generations to come." Tom Monaghan, founder of Domino's Pizza, Chancellor of Ave Maria University, prominent Catholic philanthropist, and former owner of the World Champion Detroit Tigers

"Gary was instrumental in pointing us in the right direction toward passage of the Freedom to Work law. He has the values and experience we need in Lansing, and there is no one I have more confidence in to do the right thing. With your support, when Gary gets into the House, I know great things will happen." Senator Pat Colbeck, R-Canton, assistant chairman of the state Senate Republican Caucus and lead Senate sponsor of Michigan's new Right to Work law

“Gary is fearless. He has a high level of energy. He is studious. He’s great family man. He has the right values. He’s an incredibly hard worker. Gary is one of the few people that I know that can take complex problems and reduce them to a series of sensible, logical steps. Then he can sell that idea and execute the plan. There are a lot of people that can do any of those three pieces, but very few people that can do them all. He researches everything he gets involved with and it’s all about influencing our colleagues to get things done. I know he will do that exceedingly well. Gary has great communication skills. Even in the short time that I’ve gotten to know him, he has developed even more astute listening skills. I think that is the most important skill set an elected official can have.” Rep. Mike Shirkey, R-Clarklake, chairman of the Michigan Competitiveness Committee in the state House of Representatives and lead House sponsor of Michigan’s new Right to Work law

"The unsung hero of the fight (to pass Right to Work in Michigan) was Gary Glenn, ...who traveled tirelessly across the state and lit brushfires in people's minds for Right to Work. ...Glenn was planting seeds. He got Tea Party groups from every corner of the state fired up and passionate about Right to Work." Adam de Angeli, Michigan campaign manager, Ron Paul for President 2012

"Gary Glenn is one of the most decent, honorable men I have ever known, and the residents of the 98th District would be making a fine choice of a strong conservative voice if they nominate and elect him to office. I will proudly support Gary's campaign and have pledged to donate the legally allowable limit of $500 to his campaign." Brian Pannebacker, Ford employee and United Auto Workers member

"I heartily endorse Gary. We need tried and true conservatives in the state House, no matter from where! But with Gary, you get a multiplier effect; that is, he is likely to sway others in the House to his way of thinking on critical votes!" Gene Clem, President, Southwest Michigan Tea Party Patriots

“I know Gary Glenn to be a man of his word, someone who loves God, his family, and his country. I believe he will always support and defend the Constitution. A man who will stand up for his values and principles, even if it means standing alone.” Priscilla Miller, Secretary, Antrim County Republican Party

“Gary Glenn can be trusted to do the right thing when it comes to defending liberty and traditional values. He is the prototypical happy warrior, knowledgeable and not inclined in the slightest to shy away from debates on important issues." Bill Axtell, founder of Ferndale Area Republicans and former president, Ferndale Chamber of Commerce

"Gary Glenn refuses to compromise his principles in an attempt to garner a couple extra votes. He represents true conservative ideals and has the passion and drive we need in Lansing. He is a man of integrity, with dynamic plans for our district and our state. Let's make sure he has the chance to turn those visions into reality!" Stephanie Buffman, Editor, Gladwin County Record and Beaverton Clarion

“By far, Gary Glenn has spearheaded every legal effort in Michigan to promote and maintain Biblical rights for all citizens. He fights to insist that the voice of Christians and those with morals are heard and not silenced. Gary enthusiastically strives to keep those with conservative values from being forced into the "closet". I unabashedly and with great pride support Gary for State Representative.” Tracey Lee, AFA-Michigan (Oakland County)

“Gary is one of the few who have the track record and Bona Fides to call themselves a Tea Party Candidate. He has been vetted in the only way that matters, standing and fighting in the trenches alongside others in the movement. Gary has a proven track record of standing for Values and Principles, and never wavering. I am proud to consider Gary Glenn both a friend and a mentor.” David L. Wells, Vice President, River City Patriots, Kent County GOP Executive Committee, Precinct Delegate Grand Rapids 41st

“America definitely needs leaders like Gary Glenn. He supports the issues in life that are important to me as a Christian and as a citizen of the United States of America.” Nancy Swift, retired elementary school teacher

I have always been very impressed with Gary Glenn and the stand that he takes on many issues. He is a very knowledgeable man who knows what he is about and how to accomplish his goals. He bases his life on the Bible without compromise, which in my book makes him a winner already!” DeAnne Rydman, Certified Public Accountant, Midland

"Having met Gary when he ran for the U.S. Senate, I find him to be the most honest and capable person I have met and I roundly endorse him in his quest of a State Representative position." Lawrence Zucal, Lt Col., USAF (Ret.), Precinct Delegate, Sunrise Side Tea Party Co-Chair/Treasurer

“Most definitely, you have my endorsement.” Prudy Adam, Genesee County Republican Party Chairwoman

“I heartily endorse Gary Glenn and his candidacy for State Representative. In my capacity as precinct delegate, small business owner, economist, veteran and chairman of a statewide grassroots political advocacy group, I clearly see how Gary in the role of State Representative will benefit the citizens of Michigan.” Roger Buccholtz, Fair Tax Michigan

“It is my privilege to endorse Gary Glenn for State Representative. I supported Gary by being the Oakland County Co-coordinator for his petition drive for State Senator and got to know Gary well through that effort. It became even more evident how much he loves this country. Michiganders would be fortunate to acquire such a dedicated man as one of its state representative.” Marian Sheridan, Lakes Area Tea Party Leader, Precinct Delegate

“I PROUDLY endorse Gary Glenn for office!” Sean House, South Oakland Republican Club

“Gary Glenn is the man we need to send to Lansing. He is honest and honorable and has the experience required to be effective as our representative. He will be a responsible and dependable leader.” Shirley Russell

"I've considered Gary a dear friend and ally in the Culture Wars since I first started collaborating with him in 1997. I look forward to his strong leadership when he goes to Lansing." Jay McNally, conservative talk radio host

“Gary believes as I believe that the Founding Fathers designed a wonderful system of government and we need to get back to it.” William Penn, attorney, Midland

“Gary is what we have needed in Lansing for a long time. I am convinced that he will serve our community well.” Ron Balzer

“Gary Glenn is the thinking person's choice for state representative. He is the right man at the right time for our district.” David Russell, Midland

"Gary Glenn is one of a kind that we rarely see today. He combines integrity, courage, patriotism, and high moral values. He has been an outstanding pro-life and pro-family leader in Michigan for over 10 years. He is also a very practical man, who has fought for right-to-work laws and promoted medical savings accounts for health care.” Carol LaPalm

“I am endorsing Gary Glenn because he is a man of Christian character and has faithfully served his community and state as president of the American Family Association of Michigan.” Jane Wilson, retired pastor's wife, retired teacher

“It is always a pleasure to endorse a Christian Brother.” Robert McLaren, County Commissioner

“We whole heartedly support Gary Glenn for State House.” James and Mary Rozeboom, retired pastor

“Gary Glenn's sound principals on liberty, freedom, family and limited government resonate with the desires of we the people. He is much needed in our Michigan House of Representatives. “ Diana Doman, Precinct Delegate

“I am endorsing Gary Glenn because upon reading about him on his website, he stands for many of the values and morals I believe in. The fact that Gary made personal door to door trips throughout neighborhoods, has strong Christian values, and as well as served our country tells me all I need to know about who the correct man for the job is!” Robert Grunow, Sanford

“We believe and are convinced that you, Gary Glenn, are an exceptional person who is an excellent choice for Representative. We know you stand for the traditional values and morals of our United States of America. We know you stand for and will work hard to uphold our Constitution as it was written and for our Christian beliefs. We are proud to endorse you and wish you success in this worthy endeavor to truly represent the people who elect you.“ Mary Ellen and Art Gavin

"I have known Gary to be a dependable, rock-solid champion of conservative values." Chris Meister, Precinct Delegate

“I wholeheartedly give you my endorsement for you to represent me in the Michigan State House of Representatives. The reasons that I endorse you are as follows: I know you to be a man of God and a man of your word. You know the Truth. You love your country and the state of Michigan and your family as I do. You are a strong and sensible leader who we desperately need in our government.” Paul Card, Larkin Twp

“Gary Glenn is a champion for the principles and ideals America needs desperately right now.” Linda Grant, Precinct Delegate, Jerome Twp

“I have done my research and Mr. Glenn has demonstrated the character and track record we need in our elected officials.” John Norman, Linwood

“We need a leader like Gary who ‘says what he means and means what he says' and will VOTE in Lansing his/OUR Conservative values!" Joseph Lenard, TEA Party leader/member/activist

“My husband and I consider Gary Glenn to be one of the most qualified candidates for state office that we have seen for many years. It’s reassuring to know that if he represented us in Lansing, that he would vote on the conservative side of the issues. Also, he would be outstanding at knowing the issues and contributing in a meaningful way to legislation affecting our community and State at large.” Ethel Knoll, Midland

“Gary has the courage to do what is right, rather than what is expedient. He has my full confidence and support.” Rod Goebel, Township Trustee

“Gary Glenn: Principles, NOT Politics!” Janet Dennings, Precinct Delegate

“We wholeheartedly endorse Gary Glenn for State Representative. Gary is an honest, principled conservative who stands up for the values and ideals we believe in. We need more strong conservative leaders like Gary Glenn!” Mark and Shelly Foeller, Precinct Delegates

“We support Gary Glenn for State Representative because of his conservative ideals, his goal for limited government and to put honesty and integrity back into the political arena.” Walt and Jan Woodruff, Precinct Delegates, Jerome Twp

“It is my great pleasure to provide my personal endorsement to Gary Glenn for his race for the State House in Michigan. I strongly support Gary's Christian foundation and principles and I truly believe he has the potential to make a positive difference in Michigan.” Dr. Dennis H. Guthrie

“I wholeheartedly endorse Gary Glenn because of his values, his integrity and his qualifications. He understands the proper role of government as defined by the constitution and has the personal integrity to put his constituents ahead of himself when voting and setting policy. He knows how to manage a successful not-for-profit entity, set policy and implement the procedures to meet it, and stick to a budget. I know Gary would make an outstanding representative and I give him my highest endorsement.” Carole Maddux, Precinct Delegate and 2004 RNC National Delegate

“Gary's strong moral character and experience make him the right person for the State House.” John Blackson, Mt. Haley Twp.

“Gary Glenn is a man who is steadfast and consistent in his patriotism and faith in God.” Jason Woolford, Executive Director, Christian Resources International

“Gary has consistently demonstrated the values and commitment that will make Michigan citizens proud to have him as our representative.” Roger Lonsway, auditor and County Executive Committee member

“Gary Glenn is a modern-day Ronald Reagan. He does mere than stand on principle, he walks it to its destiny." Janet (Folger) Porter, President, Faith2Action

"Gary Glenn is a man of integrity who clearly articulates, upholds, and defends the principles that made America great - the principles of freedom that are found in the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution." Tim Keller, TEA Party Activist

“I support Gary Glenn first and foremost because he believes in the value of life from conception. He believes in the God ordained defined relationship between one man and one woman. He also believes in a part-time legislature. Gary aligns with my Christian morals and values. I do not live in Gary's district therefore I will not be able to vote for him but I am determined to help get him elected. We need Gary in Lansing. Therefore please vote for Gary.” Marcia Blackson, owner of Pathway Christian Books and Gifts (Midland)

"Gary Glenn is the most courageous and trustworthy leader I have ever met." Michael Moede, Midland

Elected officials in the 98th House District:

Aileen Acker, Sanford Village Clerk

Julie Atkinson, Midland County Register of Deeds

Vaughn Begick, Bay County Commissioner

Karen Bellor, Auburn City Clerk

Stuart Bloomfield, Jerome Township Supervisor

Mark Bone, Midland County Commissioner

J. Dee Brooks, Midland City Council (2010-2014)

Barbara Cadwell, Pinconning City Council

Ken Charbonneau, Auburn City Commissioner

Eric Dorrien, Midland County Commissioner

Jim Duley, Mount Forest Township Trustee

Janice Dzurka, Auburn City Commissioner

Lee Fellows, Jerome Township Trustee

Nicolas Finley, Midland County Commissioner

Senator Mike Green, Bay County

Joe Holbrook, Pinconning Township Trustee

Karen Hitchcock, Larkin Township Trustee

Beverlene Hribek, Pinconning Township Clerk

Richard Keenan, Midland County Commissioner

Lee Kilbourn, Mayor of Auburn

Vince LaFramboise, Pinconning Township Trustee

Janice Leatherman Sagle, Midland County Road Commission

James Leigeb, Midland County Commissioner

Becky Lesniak, Pinconning City Council

R. James LeViere, Greendale Township Supervisor

Ronald Lowry, Jerome Township Trustee

Ann Machelski, Auburn City Commissioner (1979-2013)

Dan McGillivray, Midland County Commissioner

Kathleen Niemiec, Garfield Township Planning Commission

Paul Niemiec, Garfield Township Trustee

Diane Pieniozek, Gibson Township Clerk

Daniel Sagle, Jasper Township Supervisor

Sandi Schumacher, Greendale Township Trustee

Richard Stoesser, Midland County Commissioner (1969-75)

John Switek, Pinconning Township Treasurer

Don Whaley, President Pro Tem, Sanford Village Council

Bay County Republican Precinct Delegates:

Barbara Cadwell, Pinconning

Kay Condon, Bay City

Glen Herbolsheimer, Mt. Forest Twp

Judy Herbolsheimer, Mt. Forest Twp

Jim Meylan, Kawkawlin Twp

William Miller, Beaver Twp

Eldine Parent, Monitor Twp

Robert Rankey, Monitor Twp

Mary Ann Rankey, Monitor Twp

Michael Snyder, Auburn

Midland County Republican Precinct Delegates:

Dan Childs, Lee Twp

Paula Childs, Lee Twp

Cheryl Clark, Midland

Linda Grant, Jerome Twp

Jim Humphrey, Larkin Twp

Tammy Hyatt, Homer Twp

James Leigeb, Homer Twp

Jim LeViere, Greendale Twp

Susan LeViere, Greendale Twp

Dan McGillivray, Midland

Gary Mitchell, Midland

Joan Montle, Midland

Dr. Eugene Moore, Midland

Rick Payne, Midland

Dan Rice, Midland

Vi Rice, Midland

Shirley Russell, Midland

Connie Sasse-Smith, Midland

Terry Smith, Homer Twp

Becky Smith, Homer Twp

Richard Stoesser, Midland

David Thompson, Midland

Bill Wegener, Midland Twp

Carolyn Wegener, Midland Twp

Beth Wolf, Midland

Jan Woodruff, Sanford

Others supporting Gary Glenn for Representative:

Richard Allen, Gladwin

Dr. Mark and Vickie Barclay, Midland
Living Word Church

Cody Bauer, Midland

John and Marcia Blackson, Midland

Pat and Bonnie Boulton, Midland

William and Gwenlyn Brown, Midland

Kevin Bunn, Midland

Sam and Karann Chew, Midland

Jeff and Patty Cole, Midland

Jimmy Covieo, Midland

Jonathan Dolan, Midland

Cynthia Foor, Linwood

Larry and Anna Giebelhaus, Midland

Robert Steven Glaser, Midland

Annette Glenn, Midland

Greg Groninger, Midland

Sara Haigh, Midland

Pat Hartnagle, Midland

Nate Harvard, Midland

Richard and Suzanne Heiny, Midland

Fred and Nancy Herner, Rhodes

Robert and Emma Huskins, Auburn

Val and Lori Jones, Midland

Benjamin Keeley, Gladwin

Robert Lauless, Midland

Sheldon And Mary Levy, Midland

Connie Marsh, Midland

Paul Mitchell, Saginaw

Carl and Diane Monroe, Midland

Mary Moylan, St. Charles

Dr. Tom and Mary Olen, Midland

Pastor James and Tracey Payne, Midland
Midland Baptist Church

William E. Penn, Midland

Gale Pieniozek, Bentley

Frank Powers, Midland

Steve Rozeveld, Midland

Donald and Penny Rueger, Auburn

David Russell, Midland

Richard and Rebecca Scherf, Sanford

Hitoshi Takahashi, Midland

Hugh Taylor, Sanford

Charles and Sherry Thornton, Midland

Rieh Tyra, Midland

Bruce Wilson, Sanford

James and Linda Wilson, Bay City

Rob Wright, Midland

Beth and Ken Wolf, Midland

Jan Woodruff, Sanford

Mark Zimmerman, Midland

Logan Johnson, Midland

Steve Baldwin

John Fournier

Ron Babin
Precinct Delegate

Laurence Larson
Tea Party member, Midland County

Chuck Yob
Former RNC Vice-chairman, former Director of the Michigan Dept. of Transportation

Scott Van Singel
County Republican Party Treasurer, Precinct Delegate

Jim Humphrey
Teacher, Businessman, Midland

Kathleen Krillies
Homeschool Parent, Jerome Twp

Dr. Dan Dickerson, Midland

Bruce De Schaaf
Precinct Delegate, former State Committee Member

Dan Tenbusch, Midland

Richard Jones
US Army (Ret.), Precinct Delegate

Deb DeBacker
Co-founder, Stop Common Core in Michigan

Kenneth Routiola
Precinct Delegate, Former County Republican Party Chairman

Mary Walden
Substitute teacher, Tea Party member

Chris Conklin, Larkin Twp

Richard Zabonik

Stan Kresge

Donald Eichstaedt

Carl Wilson

Rich Tyra, Greendale Twp

Paul Winter
City Councilman

Victor Diaz

Dr. Peter Dams

Carolyn Ritter

Rebecca and Richard Scherf, Jerome Twp

Walter Kellogg

Pat Hatnagle, Midland

Josh Parsons, Sanford

David Wilson, Lee Twp

Gladys Mitchell
Precinct Delegate

Susan Wojcik

Pat Ayers, Fraser Twp