DETROIT NEWS | Repeal Michigan’s prevailing wage law

Rep. Gary Glenn has sponsored House Bills 4429 and 4430, which would do precisely this for all public school construction projects...

"What Michigan has overspent is money that our state could have dedicated to other pressing items. It could have paid for the construction of 315 new schools, according to the Associated Builders and Contractors of Michigan. ...That money could have (gone) to a $1,600 raise for all Michigan public school teachers.

This isn’t just about wasted money, either. It also affects job growth. The difference between job growth in states with and without prevailing wage laws is stark. From 1994 to 1997, when Michigan temporarily suspended its law, 11,000 more construction jobs were created each year. That’s compared to the average of 4,000 construction jobs created in the years before that.

There’s simply no reason why a government-funded project should be treated any differently from a private one. A competitive bidding process helps keep costs reasonable in any undertaking — public or private. ...Every dollar diverted to unnecessary labor costs is a dollar subtracted from schools, education, and taxpayers’ wallets."

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