Daley reports taking $8,500 from monopoly utility bosses and electrical workers union


A serious question arises after candidates filed their official campaign finance reports with the Secretary of State Friday:

Whoever it is, do you think it's important that when your next state senator says something, you can rely on it to be true? Watch this video. Then read below. (Please note the dates)

"I'm going to at least address the fact of the accusations going out there that I've been bought and paid for by the utility companies. Untrue. Totally untrue. I've never met with them. I've never taken anything from them."

Candidate forum sponsored by the Bay County Republican Party
July 16, 2018 (note the date)

Then, ten days later, itemized contributions to "Kevin Daley for State Senate" were listed in his official campaign finance report filed Friday, July 27th: 

DTE Energy Co PAC                  $1,000   March 7, 2018
Consumers Energy PAC             2,500   April 17, 2018
DTE Energy Co PAC                    2,000    June 14, 2018
IBEW Energy Workers Union   2,500   July 2, 2018
DTE Energy Co PAC                       500    July 12, 2018

Note that Daley accepted all these contributions from monopoly utility bosses and their union before telling voters at the July 12th candidate forum he'd "never taken anything from them."

But these direct contributions to Daley's campaign don't count the estimated $1 million-plus that Consumers Energy and DTE are spending in corporate funds -- taken from our utility bills and spent through multiple "dark money" front groups -- to run TV, radio, Internet, and direct mail advertising either promoting Daley or attacking Gary Glenn.

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