C&G NEWS: Forum on smart meters draws large crowd

“More than 80 people came to a forum on smart meters Sept. 2, some with questions and concerns, but a representative from DTE Energy, while invited, didn’t attend.

…The event included the showing of “Take Back Your Power,” a film that focuses on concerns about smart meters. Resident Regina Steiger moderated the forum, which also included state Rep. Brian Banks and David Sheldon, of michiganstopsmartmeters.com.

Resident Regina Steiger moderated the forum... Steiger said there are things residents can do if they are concerned about the issue. She said Rep. Gary Glenn, vice chair of the Michigan House Committee on Energy Policy, is going to introduce a bill in the next couple of weeks that would allow residents to keep their analog meters if they chose to do so. 'Every Michigan resident of voting age needs to contact Rep. Glenn, and their own state representative, to let them know that we want that choice,' she said."

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