Glenn, UM Regent candidate advocate healthcare reform

Midland, Mich.  Republican state House candidate Gary Glenn’s fundraising dinner Wednesday at the Midland Resort and Convention Center focused on restoring individual choice and free market principles to healthcare in Michigan.  A Larkin Township resident, Glenn is running for the 98th House District seat currently held by Rep. Jim Stamas, R-Midland, who is term-limited. The district includes the city of Midland and surrounding suburban and rural townships in Midland and Bay counties.
The event featured Dr. Rob Steele, an Ann Arbor cardiologist and 2014 Republican candidate for the University of Michigan Board of Regents. In the 2010 election immediately following passage of ObamaCare, Steele won mainstream GOP and TEA Party support when he challenged a leading advocate of the plan, Congressman John Dingell, D-Dearborn, holding the long-term Democratic lawmaker to his lowest margin of victory in a political career spanning over half a century.
Steele praised Glenn’s commitment to restoring individual freedom and patient choice to the future of healthcare in Michigan. “Gary’s campaign is a great startup and investment in your children and grandchildren’s future. I urge you to help and invest in a knowledgeable candidate who’s going to work to protect future generations from the higher and higher healthcare costs we’re experiencing under the current government intervention and financing schemes.”
“If Gary had been there in the state House of Representatives,” Steele said, “he would have helped (Sen. John Moolenaar, R-Midland, and Rep. Kevin Cotter, R-Mt. Pleasant) hold back the tide of Medicaid expansion, which is a real disaster for the state.”
Steele said the current system is based on “crony corporatism” with profit incentives that drive “higher and higher costs” to patients who largely don’t care what hospitals charge because for most, a third-party insurerthe government or an insurance companypays the bill. He proposed a four-step plan which Glenn endorsed to reverse course and help reduce healthcare costs by moving back toward a free market-based system:

* Allow individuals to purchase health insurance across state lines;

* Encourage price transparency for patients who pay their bills directly in cash;

* Tort reform, including capping damages awards that drive up the cost of medical liability insurance, an expense that is passed on to patients; and

* Encourage high-deductible Health Savings Accounts which incentivize patientswho are free to keep whatever they don’t spend tax-free, like an IRAto shop around for the best price and thus pressure healthcare providers to lower the cost.
Steele offered two examples of what happens to healthcare costs when third-party insurersthe government or health insurance companiesare not involved in paying for services.

A surgical facility in Tulsa, Oklahoma, he said, is demonstrating what the effect of “a true free market in healthcare” would be by listing on its website the full and complete price it charges for each surgical procedure to any patient who pays their own bills in cash.  The facility charges $16,000 for open heart surgery, Steele said, while the same operation would cost $200,000 at the University of Michigan, which is paid by the government or insurance companies for the care it provides. The Tulsa facility also charges $6,200 for knee surgeries that cost $40,000 at hospitals compensated by third-party insurers.
He also pointed to two surgical procedures that are not covered by health insurance: “Lasik” eye surgery and elective cosmetic or plastic surgery. Because patients pay for such procedures out of their own pocket instead of through government or insurance company intermediaries, the price has dropped over the last decade.
Glenn told attendees that if elected, he would work with Steele and other healthcare freedom advocates to bring about needed reforms.
“For the sake of my own children and grandchildren, and yours, I’ll be a leader in working to roll back the broken promises of ObamaCare and restore individual freedom, competition, and patient choice to healthcare in Michigan,” Glenn said. “In a free country, if we like our doctors, it's none of the federal or state government's business whether we keep them or not.”
Glenn two decades ago was an early innovator in healthcare reform. As a two-term Republican county commissioner in the mid-1990s, he authored the first Health Savings Account-based health insurance plan for county employees anywhere in the nation. He was invited to testify before Congress and legislative committees in Ohio and Idaho, and was featured in a news conference by Republican members of the U.S. Senate Finance Committee and in Senate floor debate on the Kennedy-Kassebaum healthcare reform legislation. He was also invited to address the national conventions of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) and the Association of American Physicians & Surgeons (AAPS).
“Commissioner Gary Glenn’s leadership on an unlikely subject — health care reform — has won him national praise," the Idaho Statesman daily newspaper reported in 1996. “`We consider him a pioneer,’ said Dan Moll, (U.S. House Civil Service Subcommittee Chairman Rep. John) Mica’s senior policy director. ‘The chairman believes (Glenn’s plan) strengthens the free-market aspects of the federal health care program.’”
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Gary Glenn Statement on "Tax Day," April 15:

Gary Glenn, candidate for Michigan House of Representatives, issued the following remarks upon the passing of April 15, "Tax Day":

Tax Day is a day for all Americans to reflect on the meaning of the government's confiscation of the fruits of their labor.  

Our federal tax code is a nightmare.  It is a shocking, seemingly endless array of rules and regulations.  No American, rich or poor, could contend that our system is fair.  Today we are struck by the deadline for the federal income tax, but our income is "withheld" year-round, on top of the countless other taxes we pay.  

We pay taxes on the income we earn, and we pay taxes on the products we purchase.  When you consider the economic effect of taxing the American worker, you realize that the cost of every American worker's taxes in the supply chain affects the cost of every product.  

Thus, we pay much more than the taxes we remit on April 15, and even more than the taxes shown on our receipts: there are hidden taxes in the cost of everything we buy, and of course, that amount is also taxable by the state sales tax.

The state of Michigan taxes our income, it taxes our sales, and it taxes our gasoline at one of the highest rates in the nation.  The state demands tribute for every man, woman, and child.  

I'm proud to have signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge, and I solemnly swear never to support any tax increase in any form as a representative in Lansing.  

Furthermore, I will not be satisfied unless taxes are reduced and the state budget is reduced—in absolute terms, not relative to population or inflation.

And the more of their own money taxpayers are allowed to keep and spend as they see fit, the more jobs we'll create for Michigan's future. Is that a new thought?

Hardly. It used to be an economic principle so broadly understood and universally approved that I can, if you'll forgive me, call as witness an icon of the Democratic Party to prove it, albeit one who'd probably be too "conservative" for today's party of Jefferson and Jackson.

"Every dollar released from taxation that is spared or invested will help create a new job and a new salary." —President John F. Kennedy

And if there's anything Michigan needs after a decade of suffering the worst job loss in America, it's that. Preach it, Jack.



Upcoming event April 16: Fundraising dinner and presentation by Dr. Rob Steele

A tireless activist for health freedom and a well-respect cardiologist in his community, Dr. Rob Steele, will join us next Wednesday (April 16), for a dinner at the Midland Resort and Convention Center to support our campaign.  

Dr. Steele is a long-time fighter for freedom in choice in health care.  He is a speaker for Doctors for Patient Care, a national organization of physicians and surgeons that support free market health care and lay out several innovative policy recommendations to improve freedom and choice in health care at lower costs.

He's also a candidate for University of Michigan Board of Regents, and was the Republican nominee for Congress in Michigan's 15th district in 2010. 

Dr. Steele will outline steps the state should take to restore free market principles and patient choice to the nation's healthcare system.

We'd be honored if you can join us.

For $35, it's an affordable dinner program that benefits our campaign's efforts, and Dr. Steele's presentation is enlightening.

We're getting close to the election, now less than four months away, and every bit of support can make the difference in the outcome.

We'd be grateful if you would join us.  It will be a great program with great company.

Click here to RSVP for the event.

April 4: Sign the Petition: "Challenge to a Debate"

It's been two months since Gary challenged his opponent, Karl Ieuter, to a series of debates on the issues.  So far, Ieuter has refused to debate Gary in any setting, while Gary maintained he is willing to join him in debate on any topic, any time, anywhere.

Now, Gary is calling on voters in the district to join him in calling upon his opponent to debate him.  By signing the petition, you'll help ramp up the pressure to have an open discussion of the issues before the voters.

Please sign the petition at this link, right now!


April 1: Gary Glenn's Statement on Crossing President Obama's "Deadline"

Republican candidate for state representative Gary Glenn issued the following statement regarding crossing President Obama's "deadline" Tuesday for purchasing mandatory health insurance:

"Tuesday -- appropriately, April Fools Day, though sadly it's no joking matter -- was the first day that millions of Americans will face punishment by our federal government for the crime of not purchasing health insurance.

"After carving out countless special exemptions for labor unions and other political allies, the President of the United States said he is proud that as of today, Americans who don't comply with a federal mandate to buy health insurance will be fined a percentage of their income rising to 2.5 percent over the next two years.

"Notably, the website indicates that illegal aliens are exempt from the mandate that applies to American citizens. Thus, the Obama Administration condones and even rewards illegality, while at the same time making law breakers of otherwise law-abiding, working class Americans.

"Since its inception, ObamaCare has been a display of government power and arrogance. Now no longer an abstraction, the soft tyranny of socialized medicine begins.

"President James Madison, and before that the "Father of the Constitution," said it is the duty of the states -- and thus the responsibility of state legislators -- to protect their states' citizens from the unconstitutional acts of a federal government acting outside its express Constitutional authority.

"Nowhere in the Constitution is the federal government given the power to force individual Americans to buy a given product or service, Justice John Roberts' and a bare Supreme Court majority's recent fabrication of such authority notwithstanding. (No, I don't consider it "settled" law.)

"As state representative for Bay and Midland counties, I will pursue every possible action by which to resist implementation of ObamaCare in Michigan and assist those working to repeal it in Washington.

"In addition to creating and attracting new jobs to our region to replace the jobs lost because of ObamaCare, restoring our families' freedom to make their own healthcare decisions without interference or dictates from the federal government will be one of my highest priorities in the state House of Representatives."


Grassroots for Glenn Meeting: Monday, March 31, 7pm

Please join Gary Glenn and his grassroots leadership team this Monday at the Grace A. Dow Memorial Library, in Midland, to meet the other community members supporting Gary and get involved in the effort. It will be held in the Community Room.

We will discuss the grassroots plan for the coming months, followed by a short work period.  The meeting is two hours, from 7pm to 9pm. 

For more information, you'll have to attend the meeting.  It will be a fun and exciting event.

If you can come, please RSVP at this link so we know how many people to plan for.

Information and directions are included in the link above.

Midland Daily News

News from the 98th District race

“Glenn Thursday signed and submitted the Taxpayer Protection Pledge sponsored by Americans For Tax Reform, a national taxpayer advocacy organization. By signing the document, Glenn pledged to the taxpayers of the 98th District and all the people of this state that he will oppose and vote against any and all efforts to increase taxes.

Glenn said his pledge includes any attempt to increase the state gas tax, which is already fifth-highest in the nation. He challenged his opponent, Karl Ieuter, to join him in signing the pledge. ‘Taxpayers have a right to know in advance if a candidate is open to increasing the already heavy tax burden on families and business owners,’ he said.

Glenn last weekend spoke to a gathering of more than 400 grassroots leaders at the Grassroots Pow Wow at the Soaring Eagle Casino in Mount Pleasant... Glenn was a speaker at the first TEA Party rally on the Midland County Courthouse steps on April 15, 2009, which drew a crowd of more than 600: the largest political gathering in county history, the Midland Daily News reported at the time.”  »» Read More


State considers part-time legislature 

"State House candidate Gary Glenn is spearheading a petition to amend the state constitution and would like voters to pass a measure that would make our state legislative positions a part time job. A proposed state constitutional amendment would limit the legislature to meeting no more than 60 consecutive days each year and cap their combined salaries and benefits at no more than $35-thousand a year. 

'If 46 other states can get by with part time legislators, so can Michigan, at a considerable savings to taxpayers,' says Glenn. 'I think a part time legislature would be one in which legislators would be more representative of the constituency that they're supposed to represent, because they'd have to have everyday jobs like everyone else. They wouldn't be dependent on being full-time professional politicians.'" »» Read More 

Midland Daily News

Political round-up

"[Republican candidate for state representative Gary] Glenn lauded passage of bills last week by the state House to protect the rights and privacy of law-abiding gun owners in Michigan. 'I applaud the House for protecting the privacy rights and safety of Michigan families who are law-abiding gun owners. The Freedom of Information Act was intended to shine light on government, not provide criminals a database of unarmed potential victims,' Glenn said, referring to a recent incident in which a major website published a complete list of gun owners in New York City based on data obtained with a FOIA request, which also revealed which homes did not have guns. House bills 4155 and 5324-5327 would prevent this from occurring in Michigan.

Glenn was among 25 area citizens who completed 10 weeks of the Midland Citizens Academy sponsored by the City of Midland. Participants each week toured and were briefed on the functions of various city and county departments, including the county jail and city law enforcement, fire protection, water treatment, snow removal, parks and recreation, senior housing, and the Grace A. Dow Library.

Glenn’s campaign Facebook page hit a milestone this week, surpassing 2,000 Facebook users who have 'liked' the page."

»» Read More

Midland Daily News

Family values

To the Editor:

“…I have been pleased to learn how Gary Glenn, candidate for the Michigan House of Representatives in 2014, strives to strengthen the family.

Gary has been president of the American Family Association of Michigan since 1999, and as such he has kept in touch with issues that threaten family life in Michigan. He is also one of the two co-authors of the Marriage Protection Amendment, which we Michigan voters passed in 2004.

It is this type of courage to act and lead toward what is best, in spite of social pressures, that we need in our elected officials.”

John Bright

Bay City

»» Read More

Midland Daily News

Political round-up

"Day 40 of Political 'Duck' Season: Glenn will continue to highlight Karl Ieuter’s refusal to debate the issues facing Bay and Midland counties. Glenn on Feb. 4 challenged Ieuter to a series of six debates, one each month before the Aug. 5 Republican primary election. Today, it has been 40 days since Ieuter refused. 'How long will Karl continue to duck my offer to publicly debate the issues and demonstrate for voters our knowledge of the economic challenges facing mid-Michigan, our proposals for stimulating new job creation, and our ability to communicate that vision?' Glenn asked. 'If he’s not comfortable or capable of stating and defending his views, why is Karl running for a job that requires that ability?'" »» Read More

Midland Daily News

Political roundup: 98th district candiates endorsed

“Glenn is also endorsed by the following local government leaders in Bay and Midland counties:

City of Auburn Clerk Karen Bellor, commissioners Ken Charbonneau and Ann Machelski.

Garfield Township Trustee Paul Niemiec and Planning Commissioner Kathleen Niemiec.

Gibson Township Clerk Diane Pieniozek.

Greendale Township Supervisor R. James LeViere.

Jerome Township Trustee Lee Fellows.

Larkin Township Trustee Karen Hitchcock.

City of Pinconning Council members Barbara Cadwell and Becky Lesniak.

Pinconning Township Clerk Beverlene Hribek, former Treasurer John Switek, and Trustees Joe Holbrook and Vince LaFramboise.

Midland entrepreneur and philanthropist Ronald W. Beebe will serve as finance chairman for Glenn’s campaign. Beebe said in accepting the position that he will work to ‘build on the fundraising ability and success Gary’s already demonstrated.’

‘Gary Glenn’s record of leadership proves he has qualities that many candidates lack and skills they never learn,” Beebe said. ‘Gary is a proven problem-solver who understands that effective leadership means planning, preparation, and execution. He’s an expert communicator who draws from a depth of knowledge on a wide array of issues and decades of experience promoting our freedom and prosperity.’” »» Read More

Midland Daily News 

Part-time legislature drive begins

“Two-thirds and 46: two numbers Gary Glenn held forth as he kicked off a local drive for a part-time legislature.

Glenn, who is running to represent the 98th House District, spoke Thursday at Dan Dan the Mattress Man in Midland about putting a state constitutional amendment on the Nov. 4 ballot.

‘I know it is not every day that somebody that is running for the legislature runs on the platform of cutting his salary by two-thirds before he even gets there,’ said Glenn, a board member of the sponsoring organization, The Committee to Restore Michigan’s Part-time Legislature (CRMPTL). ‘But, certainly that is part of the mindset I am going to try to maintain if I am blessed to be elected to this position, is to represent what the taxpayers believe is best for the state of Michigan.’” »» Read More

Midland Daily News

Wednesday reader's view: Glenn vs. Ieuter debates

"To the editor:

Political debates are not only a tradition, but an important test of each candidate’s qualifications for office. They provide an opportunity for voters to hear each candidate’s position for the record, and to see how each candidate thinks on his feet.

They allow voters to see each candidate’s sincerity and his ability to articulate, support and defend his beliefs. It says a lot about a candidate to propose a debate, and it says a lot about a candidate to refuse. Voters should understand the significance that Gary Glenn, candidate for state House in the 98th District, challenged his opponent to six debates, and that his opponent, Karl Ieuter, refused.

Mr. Ieuter claimed that debates weren’t necessary because the candidates get other opportunities to speak to people, such as Republican Party and Chamber of Commerce meetings. Private meetings like these are no substitute for open debate.

Debates are on-record events, where candidates’ statements can be recorded and remembered by the voters. Debates are more than stump speeches; they are challenges for either candidate to demonstrate his ability to think under pressure and to prove he can relate to voters better than his opponent.

As a high school debate coach for the past 15 years, I have found that those who truly understand issues are able to clearly articulate them in real time — debates serve this function and the electorate deserves to hear from the candidates in this forum.

David Schubert

Bay City"

»» Read More

Midland Daily News

Political round-up

Gary Glenn endorsements

“‘I support Gary because he is a member of the National Rifle Association. Today, our Second Amendment rights are under attack, and I believe Gary Glenn is the best person to defend our right to bear arms.’ — Midland County Commissioner James Leigeb, R-3rd District.

‘I am a conservative, and Gary most closely exhibits my ideas and the ideals of a conservative. That’s what caught my attention, and that’s why I think he is best suited to keep our fiscal and social houses in order.’ — Midland County Commissioner Nick Finley, R-1st District.

‘I find Gary to be very conservative. That’s what I’m looking for, and that’s why I’m voting for him.’ — Midland County Commissioner Richard Keenan, R-4th District.

‘In the fifteen years I’ve known him, Gary has consistently and unabashedly lived his Christian, conservative, and Constitutional beliefs in every aspect of his life, and I proudly support my friend Gary Glenn for Representative for the 98th District.’ — Midland County Commissioner Dan McGillivray, R-7th District.

‘Gary Glenn is the most qualified candidate for any political position I’ve come across in the last 40 years. He has an uncommon balance of constructive accomplishment, sensitivity to what’s important to the people of our district, and a pleasant, helpful personality.’ — Former Commissioner Richard Stoesser (1969-74)” »» Read More

Midland Daily News

Political round-up

Gary Glenn endorsements

"Glenn has begun airing a radio ad by the late Charlton Heston regarding Right to Work legislation. The 1986 ad features Heston’s comments regarding the freedom principle behind Right to Work legislation and also includes comments about his work with Glenn on the issue. “Today, America needs leaders like Gary Glenn. I’ve stood with Gary before to defend our freedoms. He tells the truth, and he fights for it. I trust Gary Glenn to fight for all of us. I support Gary Glenn because I know him to be an honest man and a good man,” stated Heston.

Glenn is a board member of the group, Committee to Restore Michigan’s Part Time Legislature, that drafted and is proposing an amendment to the state constitution to limit the Legislature to 60 days in session each year and cut their pay and benefits to a cap of $35,000.” »» Read More

Midland Daily News

State House race: Glenn challenges Ieuter to six debates

“Will 98th District State House candidates Gary Glenn and Karl Ieuter face off in a series of debates? That’s the question after Glenn issued a challenge for six debates against primary opponent Ieuter. Ieuter hasn’t been quick to accept the challenge.

The pair of Republicans are seeking to replace Rep. Jim Stamas, R-Midland, to represent the 98th District, and will square off in the Aug. 5 primary. Last week, campaign finance figures were released and Ieuter announced he had raised a little over $70,000 while Glenn brought in more than $75,000, including a personal loan of $25,000.

‘Now that we’ve established that this contest will be financially competitive, we should both work to ensure that the outcome is based not just on money but on substance: the experience, track record and depth of knowledge each candidate offers voters in Bay and Midland counties,” Glenn stated. “Voters deserve multiple opportunities to watch and compare the candidates first hand as we present our qualifications, demonstrate our knowledge of the issues, and debate our views and proposals for Michigan’s future in a public setting.’” »» Read More

Midland Daily News

Gary Glenn: Dow commended for investing in worker freedom

"The Detroit Free Press reported Jan. 16 that The Dow Chemical Co. was the single largest donor to the nonprofit business group that led efforts to defeat a 2012 state constitutional amendment proposed by Big Labor officials in hopes of preemptively prohibiting passage of a right to work law in Michigan.

'It was only after the referendum was defeated,” the Free Press reported, 'that Gov. Rick Snyder embraced legislation … that prohibited contracts that required union membership as a condition of employment, turning Michigan … into a Right to Work state.'

As a founding board member of the Michigan Freedom to Work coalition, which in 2011 launched the effort to make Michigan a Freedom to Work state, I say thanks and salute Dow for their leadership in making this new civil rights protection a reality in Michigan, safeguarding employees’ individual freedom and rights of conscience on the job and protecting them from being discriminated against and fired if they choose not to join or financially support a labor union.

Thanks in no small part to Dow’s generous investment in workplace freedom, that kind of job discrimination is now illegal. It’s not only an historic guarantee of individual freedom and conscience, but will prove in decades ahead — as it has in other states — to be a dramatic boost to Michigan’s ability to attract new business and industry and create jobs." »» Read More

Midland Daily News

98th District candidates file financial reports

"Karl Ieuter and Gary Glenn both raised over $70,000 as they attempt to represent the 98th District for the Republican Party.

...Glenn had 380 contributors that donated $75,656.14, including a personal loan of $25,000. Expenses totaled $13,627.47, leaving him a balance of $62,028.67. He had $1,162.31 of in-kind contributions.

Ieuter raised $70,330.25 from 284 contributors...During the period, Ieuter had $12,805.84 in expenses, leaving a balance of $57,524.41." »» Read More 

Bay City Times

Charlton Heston gives beyond-the-grave radio endorsement to Michigan state House candidate Gary Glenn

"LARKIN TOWNSHIP, MI — Gary Glenn, Republican candidate for state representative in Michigan, has no shortage of big-name endorsements, from Mike Huckabee to Tom Monaghan. But, arguably, his most famous political booster is Charlton Heston, the acclaimed actor and political activist who died in 2008.

Glenn, 55, has posted a radio advertisement that features Heston's voice, speaking in support of Right to Work laws and broadly endorsing Glenn. 'Today, America needs leaders like Gary Glenn,' he says. 'I trust Gary Glenn to fight for all of us.'

…Glenn also hosts endorsements at the state and local level from politicians including:

Midland County Board of Commissioners Chairman James Leigeb
Midland County Commissioner Nicolas Finley
Midland County Commissioner Richard Keenan
Midland County Commissioner Dan McGillivray
State Senator Patrick Colbeck, R-Canton
State Rep. Mike Shirkey, R-Clarklake" »» Read More 

Midland Daily News

Gary Glenn: Local governments are run well

To the editor:

"After attending dozens of county commission, city council, township and village meetings in Bay and Midland counties over the last several months, I can report to fellow taxpayers that our local governments are in the hands of responsible and conscientious people who invest a lot of time and take their jobs very seriously.

My purpose in attending these meetings has been to get a preview of the issues and challenges our local governments face, which I’ll be responsible for helping them address if elected to the state House of Representatives to represent Bay and Midland counties. However, I was pleasantly surprised and certainly encouraged to find that our local county, city, township and village elected officials see little need to look to Lansing for help, but most often simply need the state government and its regulatory agencies to stay out of their way and let them do their jobs." »» Read More

Midland Daily News

Senator in Midland to support Glenn

"Sen. Pat Colbeck, R-Canton, assistant chairman of the state Senate Republican Caucus and lead Senate sponsor of Michigan’s right to work legislation, says Republican state House candidate Gary Glenn ‘was instrumental in pointing us in the right direction toward passage of the Freedom to Work law.’

Colbeck was at the Grand Traverse Pie Co. in Midland recently to speak during a fundraiser for Glenn’s campaign for the 98th District seat currently held by Rep. Jim Stamas, who is term-limited.

After Glenn shared with attendees his decades of leadership and experience with Right to Work, health care reform, school choice, agricultural and family values issues, Colbeck quipped that Glenn "could probably speak longer than Ted Cruz did in his filibuster, because Gary knows all of these issues inside and out, and he can articulate them to effectively protect our rights and values." »» Read More

Midland Daily News

Rep. Shirkey in Midland to support state representative candidate Glenn

"Even though the primary election is more than nine months away, Republican Gary Glenn is already accumulating endorsements on the local, state, and national level as he makes a run to represent the 98th House District. On Monday, Rep. Mike Shirkey, R-Clark Lake, was in town at the Grand Traverse Pie Company urging supporters to elect Glenn. Shirkey is in the middle of his second term and if re-elected to represent the 65th District, he would be term limited at the end of 2016.

'It is a little unprecedented for sitting House members or even Senate members to take a stand in primaries,' said Shirkey. 'Having a business background, I’m all about succession planning and long-term planning. When our class leaves, we are going to leave a huge vacuum both in numbers and leadership. So, I don’t think it is too early to be identifying and recruiting people I believe have unique leadership skills. There is no doubt in my mind that Gary is part of that small cadre that can fill that void.'" »» Read More

Saginaw News

Former Gov. Mike Huckabee endorses Gary Glenn, candidate for state representative in Midland, Bay counties

"MIDLAND, MI — Former Arkansas governor, Fox News host and 2008 presidential candidate Mike Huckabee has announced that he is endorsing Republican Gary Glenn, a candidate for a seat in the Michigan House of Representatives. …'Gary Glenn has a life-long track record of actually getting things done for our conservative values and principles,' Huckabee wrote. 'He is recognized as a strong pro-life leader in Michigan and supports the 2nd Amendment. Gary was one of two coauthors of Michigan's Marriage Protection Amendment, and as a state representative, he will sponsor legislation for a state Fair Tax.'" »» Read More

Huck PAC

Governor Huckabee and Huck PAC endorse Gary Glenn for Michigan state representative

"Huck PAC and I are proud to endorse Gary Glenn for Michigan state representative. I first met Gary six years ago, and the more I've learned about his life's work, the more impressed I am at his knowledge and experience on a wide array of issues. Gary has been a nationally recognized leader on labor law reform, free market healthcare reform, School Choice, and defense of commonly-shared community values such as protecting prenatal life and traditional marriage." »» Read More

Saginaw News

Midland, Bay County clerks prepare same-sex marriage licenses in anticipation of court decision

"Gary Glenn, president of the American Family Association of Michigan and candidate for state House, called on (Midland County Clerk Ann) Manary to, as he put it, 'obey the state constitution.'

'One Detroit lawyer in a black robe doesn't have the legitimate constitutional or moral authority to overturn the will of millions of Michigan voters,' Glenn said. 'The Midland County clerk's office in particular should support the strong stand taken in court by Midland's own Bill Schuette to defend our state constitution, the will of Michigan voters, and traditional marriage, not try to undermine our attorney general's stand.'"  »» Read More

Midland Daily News

Midland County clerk may issue same sex marriage licenses

"Republican Gary Glenn, a candidate for state representative from the 98th House district and coauthor of the state Marriage Protection Amendment, called on Manary to obey the state Constitution and urged state and county officials to "block the county clerk’s reported pledge to defy our constitution and the will of Michigan voters, including here in Midland County." »» Read More

Bay City Times

Former state Rep. Dave Agema endorses Gary Glenn, Republican candidate for Jim Stamas' seat

"With 14 months to go before the November 2014 election, former state Rep. Dave Agema, R-Grand Rapids, has endorsed Gary Glenn, a Republican candidate for the state House seat being vacated by Midland Republican Jim Stamas." »» Read More

Macomb Daily

Right to Work supporters say Michigan’s economy will benefit from law

"The controversial law formally took effect in March and will take some time for its overall benefits to take root, but in years to come, the move will prove to be beneficial, according to Gary Glenn, president of the Michigan chapter of the American Family Association. Similar legislation in other states has helped usher in new economic climates in those states, but Glenn predicted Michigan could become an economic 'powerhouse' with a new workplace climate combined with the state’s trained workforce, resources and access to the Great Lakes. 'I’m looking forward to that kind of future in Michigan,' Glenn said. Glenn was one of four panelists attending the Michigan Freedom to Work Townhall held at American Legion Hall in Utica to offer additional information about the law."  »» Read More

Midland Daily News

Glenn running for 98th House seat

"Glenn is well known for traditional values and his views on marriage. But, as he runs to represent the 98th House District, he wants citizens to know that he is not just a one-issue candidate." »» Read More

Bay City Times

Former U.S. Senate candidate Gary Glenn campaigning for Jim Stamas's state House seat

"Larkin Township resident Gary Glenn, who serves as president of the American Family Association of Michigan, has announced he will seek the Republican nomination for Michigan's 98th State House district in 2014." »» Read More

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