Glenn calls on Ieuter to drop false claim of American Legion membership

Midland, Mich. -- Republican candidate for state representative Gary Glenn, Midland, the only veteran running for the 98th District state House seat, Thursday called on his GOP primary opponent Karl Ieuter to stop using campaign material that misleads voters to believe Ieuter also served in the military. Glenn sent the following message to Ieuter via e-mail and Facebook.


April 24, 2014

Dear Karl,

My father was a World War II Marine who survived the attack on Pearl Harbor and served two more years in the Pacific thereafter. I honor and revere his service to our country, and I honor and salute your father's military service as well.

For years, I was not a member of the American Legion because I erroneously believed, despite having served eight years in the U.S. Army Reserves and Army National Guard, that I didn't qualify for Legion membership because I had never been deployed to a war zone on active duty.

A Legion member a couple years ago recruited me to join, pointing out that my time in service, because it included active duty service during basic combat training (BCT) and advanced individual training (AIT) in a period of conflict, did in fact qualify me for membership in the Legion. I immediately joined and consider it an honor and privilege to associate with fellow veterans who served in prior wars as a member of American Legion Post 165 here in Midland. (A scan of my 2014 membership card is attached to this e-mail.)

Because there's no indication in the public record that you ever served in the military, I've identified myself in this campaign as the only veteran running for the 98th House seat. For the record, if that's incorrect, if in fact you did serve, please advise me to that effect, and I will immediately correct that characterization, including (1) scrapping all campaign material that identifies me as the only veteran in the race, (2) removing that characterization from my campaign website, and (3) issuing a public statement to the media notifying voters that that characterization is in error.

If, however, I'm correct that I am the only veteran of either party in this race, I call on you to stop distributing campaign material which misleads voters to believe that you served in the U.S. military when you did not.

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National Right to Work PAC endorses Gary Glenn for Michigan House seat

98th District candidate says law critical to attracting, creating jobs in mid-Michigan

Midland, Mich. -- Republican 98th District state House candidate Gary Glenn Tuesday was endorsed by the National Right to Work Committee PAC, a national civil rights organization that supports candidates committed to the principle that all Americans should be free from the threat of job discrimination on the basis of whether they choose to join or financially support a labor union at their place of employment.

Click here for the NRTW endorsement news release.

Glenn, who in 2011 was a founding board member of the Michigan Freedom to Work coalition, which launched the successful effort to enact a state Right to Work law in a former stronghold of organized labor, welcomed the endorsement.

"It's been my privilege for over three decades to work closely with National Right to Work leaders to promote this fundamental freedom and jobs principle, across the country and here in Michigan," Glenn said. "Their endorsement is a strong testimony to the leadership they believe I can bring to the state House of Representatives in defense of an issue that's critical to Michigan's economic future."

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Walberg endorses part-time legislature drive

Glenn, two Midland County elected officials also endorse proposed amendment

Midland, Mich. -- Congressman Tim Walberg, R-7th District, Thursday endorsed a citizen petition drive aimed at placing on the November 2014 ballot a state constitutional amendment that would limit the state legislature to no more than 60 days in session each year and cut total legislative salary and benefits by two-thirds to no more than $35,000 annually.

"Having been one of the handful of legislators back in 1983-86 unsuccessfully pushing for a part-time legislature, I wish you well. Feel free to tout me as an endorser of the part time drive," Walberg wrote in an e-mail to Gary Glenn, Midland, a board member of the Committee to Restore Michigan's Part-Time Legislature (CRMPTL) and a candidate for an open seat in the state House of Representatives covering Bay and Midland counties.

CRMPTL Chairman Norm Kammeraad welcomed the endorsement and said it will boost petitioning efforts, especially in Walberg's congressional district.

"We salute Congressman Walberg for his support and believe it reflects the overwhelming sentiment of Michigan voters that if 46 other states can govern themselves effectively with a part-time legislature, so can Michigan, at less expense to taxpayers," Kammeraad said.

Glenn held a news conference Thursday in Midland to announce that petitions are now available for distribution, where he was joined in endorsing the part-time legislature proposal by Midland County Commissioner Richard Keenan and Greendale Township Supervisor Jim LeViere, both Republicans.

Seventy-nine percent of respondents to a non-scientific online poll Feb. 17th by the Midland Daily News said they support Michigan going to a part-time legislature to govern the state.

Petitioners must collect 400,000 signatures of registered voters by July 7th in order to qualify for the November ballot.

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Midland entrepreneur, philanthropist to raise funds for Glenn campaign

Midland, Mich. -- Midland entrepreneur and philanthropist Ronald W. Beebe will serve as finance chairman for Republican candidate Gary Glenn's campaign for the 98th District seat in the state House of Representatives, the campaign announced Wednesday.

Beebe said in accepting the position that he will work to "build on the fundraising ability and success Gary's already demonstrated."

"Gary Glenn's record of leadership proves he has qualities that many candidates lack and skills they never learn," Beebe said. "Gary is a proven problem-solver who understands that effective leadership means planning, preparation, and execution. He's an expert communicator who draws from a depth of knowledge on a wide array of issues and decades of experience promoting our freedom and prosperity."

Beebe also said Glenn "knows how to work successfully with people without compromising his values, and he is committed to right-sizing government around work it best performs and seeking private sector involvement where feasible to improve value for the citizens of Michigan."

"Gary's a superior candidate who will serve with distinction in Lansing," he said, "and I enthusiastically endorse him and am honored to volunteer as finance chairman for his campaign."

Beebe is the principal owner and CEO of Euclid Industries of Bay City, Brinn Performance Inc., also of Bay City, Awrey Bakeries of Livonia, Griffin Thermal Products of Greenville, SC, and Milling Precision Tool Corporation of Wichita, KS. He's also a founding member of Blue Water Angels, a mid-Michigan group who provide capital with connections for high-potential business start-ups.

Beebe is also chairman of board of the Children’s Dyslexia Center of Bay City and actively supports Grace Adventures, a non-denominational Christian outreach, and SwingShift and the Stars, a series of competitive dance events to raise money for local charities in Traverse City and the Great Lakes Bay Region.

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Glenn to hold news conference kicking off drive to restore Michigan's part-time legislature

News Conference

Thursday, Feb. 27th at 2:00 p.m.

Dan Dan the Mattress Man furniture store
802 Ashman, Midland, Michigan
Gary Glenn
* GOP candidate for state representative -- www.GaryGlenn.US
* Board member, Committee to Restore MI's Part-Time Legislature --

Gary and other Midland area supporters of a proposed state constitutional amendment to restore Michigan's part-time legislature will launch the petition drive in Midland County to help place the amendment on our November 2014 statewide ballot.
The amendment would limit legislative sessions to no more than 60 consecutive days a year in Lansing and cut legislative salary and benefits by two-thirds to no more than $35,000 a year. 
The first box of petitions arrived in Midland on Monday, and petitions will be available for public pickup at the news conference. Petitioners have until July 7th to collect roughly 400,000 signatures statewide.
The public is invited.

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Glenn challenges Ieuter to six debates in GOP primary

Once a month from February to July focusing on jobs, health care, education, and other hot topics

Midland, Mich. -- Conservative Republican candidate Gary Glenn, 55, Tuesday challenged GOP primary opponent Karl Ieuter, 42, to a series of six debates -- one each month between now and the Aug. 5th primary election -- in their bid for the party's nomination for the 98th District seat in the state House of Representatives. The seat is currently held by Rep. Jimi Stamas, R-Midland, who is term-limited.

Glenn last week shocked political observers when he reported having accumulated more campaign funding by Dec. 31st than did Ieuter, a surprise since Ieuter is backed by a "who's who" of Midland's corporate and financial establishment. Glenn issued the challenge Tuesday morning in a letter sent to Ieuter by e-mail and Facebook.

"Now that we've established that this contest will be financially competitive, we should both work to ensure that the outcome is based not just on money but on substance: the experience, track record, and depth of knowledge each candidate offers voters in Bay and Midland counties," Glenn wrote.

"I hope you agree that voters deserve multiple opportunities," he wrote, "to watch and compare the candidates first hand as we present our qualifications, demonstrate our knowledge of the issues, and debate our views and proposals for Michigan's future in a public setting."

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Glenn ad features Charlton Heston on Right to Work issue

MIDLAND, Mich. – Gary Glenn, 55, of Larkin Township, a conservative Republican running for the state House of Representatives seat representing Bay and Midland counties, this month began airing a radio advertisement featuring comments by the late Oscar-winning actor Charlton Heston regarding Right to Work legislation and his past work with Glenn in promoting such laws.

Heston, renowned for epic roles in movies such as The Ten Commandments and Ben Hur, and who marched with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., in the 1963 March on Washington and later served as president of the Screen Actors Guild, AFL-CIO, and the National Rifle Association, grew up in St. Helen, Michigan. He died in 2008.

The ad features Heston's comments regarding the freedom principle behind Right to Work legislation, which prohibits compulsory union membership or financial support as a condition of employment. Michigan enacted such a law in 2012.

"I've played men like Tom Jefferson, Lincoln, heroes defending American freedom," Heston said in 1986. "There are Americans still carrying on that fight, where citizens want the Right to Work without being forced to join a union. As a former union president, I believe Americans should be free to choose."

The ad also includes Heston's comments about his work with Glenn on the issue a quarter-century ago: "Today, America needs leaders like Gary Glenn. I've stood with Gary before to defend our freedoms. He tells the truth, and he fights for it. I trust Gary Glenn to fight for all of us. I support Gary Glenn because I know him to be an honest man and a good man."

Click here to listen to the ad.

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Glenn honored over MLK weekend by black conservatives

Warren, Mich. -- Gary Glenn, 55, Midland, was honored by black conservatives over the Martin Luther King birthday weekend for his leadership in defending prenatal life, traditional marriage and the family, and economic and religious liberty. The Abolitionist Round Table of Michigan presented Glenn its Champion of Liberty Award during the group's annual banquet Saturday, Jan. 18th, in Warren. He was also the keynote speaker for the event.

Abolitionists_3.jpg"Mr. Glenn has been a statesman and leading voice for life, family, faith, and religious and economic freedom," said Del Marsh, host of the "Abolitionist Round Table" talk show on WAAM Radio, Ann Arbor, who served as emcee for the event. "Thank you, Mr. Glenn, for being a real champion for our Judeo-Christian heritage."

Glenn has served for 13 years as president of the American Family Association of Michigan, a Christian pro-life and family values advocacy group based in Midland. He is a coauthor of the Marriage Protection Amendment approved by Michigan voters in 2004, which amended the state constitution to reaffirm marriage as being only between one man and one woman, and he has been an outspoken opponent of laws that discriminate against and punish individuals, business owners, churches, and community organizations for their views on the issue. On two occasions, Glenn has hosted Dr. Alveda King, the niece of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., in visits to Michigan to campaign in favor of marriage and religious liberty protections.

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Glenn tells Rotary: bringing jobs to mid-Michigan is priority

Pinconning, Mich. – Pushing for policies that encourage economic development, attract new industry, and create jobs in Bay and Midland counties will be among his highest priorities if elected to the state House of Representatives, conservative Republican candidate Gary Glenn told members of the Northern Bay and Arenac Rotary Club over lunch Thursday at Annie's Restaurant in Pinconning. Glenn, 55, of Larkin Township in Midland County, is running in the August 5th Republican primary for the 98th District state House seat, which includes parts of Bay and Midland counties, including Pinconning, and is currently held by Rep. Jim Stamas, R-Midland, who is term-limited.

"There's nothing wrong with Michigan's economy or state budget that creating 800,000 new jobs over the next decade wouldn't fix, instead of losing 800,000 as we did over the last decade," Glenn said. "And certainly we need to work together to make sure that growth includes jobs for families here in Pinconning and throughout Bay and Midland counties."

"Fixing our roads, ensuring every child the opportunity of a quality education, and all other demands for government funding depend on our ability to create new higher-paying jobs that produce additional tax revenue without raising taxes, which would discourage economic growth and job creation," Glenn said.

A founding board member of the Michigan Freedom to Work coalition in 2011, Glenn was a leader in the movement to enact Michigan's new Freedom to Work law in 2012 prohibiting compulsory union membership or support as a condition of employment. He told Rotarians the law was a major step toward making Michigan more attractive to new business and industry and job creation, a success he pledged to work to build upon.

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Glenn salutes Dow Chemical for reported role in clearing way for Right to Work passage

Midland, Mich. – Gary Glenn, 55, of Larkin Township, a Republican candidate for the state House of Representatives seat representing parts of Bay and Midland counties, welcomed a news report Thursday that Dow Chemical Co. played a leading role in the defeat of a 2012 ballot proposal that cleared the way for passage of Michigan's new Right to Work law.

"Salute and thanks to Dow Chemical for their leadership in making this new civil rights protection a reality in Michigan," Glenn said, "safeguarding employees' individual freedom and rights of conscience on the job by protecting them from being discriminated against and fired -- as used to be the case -- if they chose not to affiliate with a labor union."

"Thanks we learn in large part to Dow, that kind of job discrimination is now illegal," Glenn said. "It's not only an historic guarantee of individual freedom and conscience, but will prove in the decades ahead -- as it already has in other states -- to be a dramatic boost to Michigan's ability to attract new business and industry and create jobs."

Glenn, in 2011 a founding board member of the Michigan Freedom to Work coalition which that summer launched a public relations effort urging the Legislature to adopt Right to Work, cited a Detroit Free Press report Thursday that Dow was the single largest donor to the non-profit business group that led efforts to defeat the ballot proposal sponsored by union officials in hopes of blocking Right to Work passage.

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